Thursday, November 5, 2009

tickled blue

Since Brooke is technically my "first friend" (as in, my age, not my sister's friend, not a family member, etc.) to be "for shizz up the spout" (i.e. with child), I couldn't pass up the chance to post the sex of the baby.

here's a little pictorial of the fab four and don't worry, this was pre-preggo status

(I totally stole the pic off Meg's blog, but I LOVE it and had to use it in my post.)

So just in case you couldn't infer from the title, Brookie (and Freeland) are having a BOY!!!

As she said on her blog, they were 100% convinced they were having a girl, so this came as quite a surprise. Nonetheless, they are thrilled and so am I. I cannot wait to meet their little boy, and am still in shock that my high school friend's eggo is preggo. Seems like yesterday we were watching the SNL Chris Farley special, working at Sonic, quoting "A Night at the Roxbury," eating at Joe's Crab Shack and just being too cool for school in general. I guess some people decided to grow up...ha ha.

Congrats Brooke and Freeland on the big news!

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Brooke & Freeland said...

awwww thanks Rachie!!! You're so sweet.. and youre going to be the bestest aunt ever to our little boy! Miss you friend! Brooke