Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A shout out... (grateful, but in a much more personal context)

I know there's only like 2 of you reading my blog, but I felt compelled to send a little shout out to those in my life:

To anyone who has ever been there for me,
to anyyone who has ever given me a hug,
to anyone who has helped me celebrate a birthday,
to anyone who has patiently waited for me to return their phone calls,
to anyone who has ever said a prayer for me,
to anyone who has made me laugh,
to anyone who has seen me cry,
to anyone who has uttered a kind word,
to anyone who has supported me,
to anyone who has believed in me,
to anyone who has not given up on me,
and to everyone who believes this story has a happy ending:


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Today, I am so very grateful for the Food Network.

Yes, it's true, I absolutely love the Food Network and if I had to pick one channel on which my TV could never deviate from, it would be forevermore locked on 231. Sure, there are a few shows and hosts that aren't exactly my favorite, but 90% of the time, I turn on the channel and be perfectly content with life.

So for all of you out there who have yet to experience the awesomeness that is the Food Network, I encourage you to tune in as soon as possible. If you're looking for some recommendations, my favorites are Throwdown w/Bobby Flay; Diners, Drive-ins & Dives; Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels; Paula's Party; Down Home w/the Neelys; Iron Chef America and The Next Food Network Star. Happy viewing!

I wonder...

I wonder if I will ever find myself working at a job that is truly satisfying.

I wonder if I will ever look forward to getting up and going to work.

I wonder if I will ever be so passionate about what I'm doing that surfing the internet loses its appeal while at work.

I wonder if I'll come to a point where I don't care...

I really am trying to remain positive and hopeful that I will one day, eventually, find a job I least most of the time. Until then, I am open to suggestions. So the question of the day is: what do you think I should do? :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Today, I am grateful for the sun. I am grateful that I can walk outside and feel the warmth on my skin and the light on my face. It may seem simple and overdone, but today, this is what I am grateful for.

If you know me at all, you're well aware of the fact that I'm not a cold weather kind of girl. Give me the searing hot Texas summer over the blustery northern winter any day. I'll take 100+ degree temperatures, humid air and scorching heat indexes all day long if the alternative involves wearing a coat or any other form of winter garb. It's just not in my blood to face temperatures below 70 degrees. Call me crazy, but I am what I am and at least I know what that is...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Please stand back, I'm a professional...

While I could once again bring up the fact that I'm slightly depressed about the ending of this school year, I will instead share a humorous story for those of you that are actually reading this blog.

So, I'm at work this weekend, minding my own business, counting down the hours when all of the sudden, I'm abruptly asked by a co-worker if I can write on a cake. I distinctly recall saying that I "wasn't really comfortable, but...I guess..." Long story short, a customer had just picked up a cake from us and discovered the birthday girl's name was spelled wrong. They did not make this discovery until they arrived at their Little Elm. Well, since I'm quite the professional when it comes to writing on cakes, I was promptly sent to repair the botched cake. Yes, you read write, the customer insisted that someone come out to their house immediately to fix their precious cake. This was clearly a life or death situation. I make the trek out to Little Elm with my piping bag of yellow icing and several cake tools. As I headed up to the front door, I bravely attempt to put on my most confident face and tackle the bull head-on, like I have any idea what I'm doing. (It had been about 2 years since I'd written on a cake, but no worries.) Anyway, as I'm scraping off the letters, I can feel my hand start to tremor. It almost becomes a full-fledged seizure, but somehow, I managed to write the e and the y and bolt out of the house before anyone could object to my rudementary icing skills.

It was quite the cake fiasco I must say, but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger...or in this case, would it be sweeter?