Thursday, December 6, 2007

And I'm spent...

This will be my final "catch-up" blog for those of you whose lives seemed hollow over the past 3 months due to my blogging sabbatical. I will wrap up the happenings of last month with brief summaries on my sister's b-day & the JPII Homecoming.

Michelle's 28th Birthday

Yes, it's official, Michelle has just 2 years left before she enters middle age! Therefore, we celebrated with margaritas (and a festive cake prepared by yours truly) at Blue Goose (shocker) and a little dancing (with a side of cougar hunting) at Martini Park. The band was hot, but we were hotter...or something like that. We had a great time and even got to experience the wondrous feats performed by an in-house magician, Marty.

In what seems to be a tradition, we followed up the party Saturday night with a little family brunch at Blue Mesa. For those of you who have yet to partake in a belt-busting brunch at Blue Mesa, I highly recommend you imbibe as soon as you get the chance (just make sure you don't eat a single thing before you go. You'll need all the stomach space you can spare). Anyway, I had to work Open House at school right after, but was able to join the party at its completion where a rousing game of Scattergories went down -- can you guess the winner?

Here are some pics:

JPII Homecoming

The first week of November marked JPII's 1st "real" Homecoming (the first time there could actually be alumni returning to the school for the game). The theme was "Back to the Future," so each day of the week marked a different decade. The week was capped off with a pep rally which was attended by my sister & Haylee. It was so fun to have them there to witness something I had put together, and of course, I was so proud of my little niece who had a blast jamming out the band. After the pep rally, the cheerleaders (and I) had a little party where we watched "License to Wed" and ate take-out from Cheesecake Factory. The next day was the Homecoming game where we got slaughtered...such a shame. Anyway, here are some pics!