Friday, July 22, 2011

what's the happs?

Well I've been a terribly inconsistent blogger over the past few weeks/month. It's not that I don't have posts I want to put up. I just simply have not made the time. And truth be told, I'm in the market for a new computer as mine has been on the fritz for about a month. Excuses aside, here's a quick rundown on the happs lately.

Last month, we celebrated Nick's 2nd Annual 29th birthday (AKA his 30th birthday). The weekend was full of festivities which included dinner at Babe's, presents, cake (made specially with a pic of one of his skydiving adventures - Michelle came up with that idea), champagne, swimming, dinner at Mattitos, bowling and more. He definitely took some heat for crossing the bridge from 20's to mid-life (ha ha), but all in all, I think everyone had a great time celebrating.

Father's Day was also that weekend, so we took time out on Sunday to honor the fathers in our lives. Rudy's was on the menu, and let me just forewarn everyone for next year: if you're considering takeout from Rudy's next Father's Day, DON'T. Just don't do it. Get it any other day, but do not go there on Father's day. Anyway, we had a very relaxing day which just involved eating lots of barbecue and watching golf.

Also in June was a girls weekend with Crystal and Meagan. We visited Delaney Vineyards (took the tour and enjoyed the tasting), hung out at Meagan's house, hit up Fort Worth, ate dinner at Reata and had a slumber party. It was such a fun day and so great to be able to spend time with my old high school besties.

Up next was July 4th weekend which included a whole lotta lake time, reading, dancing, eating, swimming, star gazing and firework watching. It was a glorious time with each sunset being more magnificent than the rest. There was homemade apple pie, a rooftop dance party, glow sticks and countless games of banangrams. I savored every minute as it's one of the last weekends I'll have at the lakehouse with my dear fousins. They are about to head 'em up and move 'em out -- right on out to D.C. They will be dearly missed by yours truly, so we had to make the most of every moment.

And finally, I leave you with a couple shots of my loves. I've had the privilege of spending quite a bit of time with these two little stinkers as of late and I've enjoyed every single minute of it. Our dinners to Chick-fil-a have been nothing short of adventurous and I've cherished our couch time where I'm sandwiched between the two of them watching "How to Train Your Dragon" for the 852nd time. Take particular note of the 2nd shot where it appears Meredith is throwing up the deuces...classic.

And there you have it, a warp speed tour of the past couple months. Until we meet again, keep it classy.