Saturday, November 29, 2008

dream a little dream

So...since I am in somewhat of a perpetual career transition lately, people have been asking me a lot about my dream job. What makes me tick? If I could do anything, what would it be? Seriously? I'm incredulous! How on earth do I know what my dream job is if I haven't done it yet? Does anyone know what their dream job is until they know what it isn't? It is my firm belief that until you have done something, you don't know whether or not you like it. That makes sense, right? What could seem like the perfect job might be something very different altogether. In reality, it could involve crotchety clients, endless paperwork, intricate excel spreadsheets (my nemesis), ungodly hours and a loathsome boss. How do you know until you try?

In all honesty, my dream job involves interaction with people, where my efforts ultimately contribute to something positive for the world's population, where I feel appreciated and I don't dread going to it in the morning. I don't feel that's a lot to ask, but I haven't found it yet. I'm open to suggestions, and I feel I'm very open-minded to all job prospects/possibilities. I don't seek money, fame or power. I seek to make a difference. I seek to make my life matter, and since we spend a majority of our life working, I think its important that my work means more than just deriving a paycheck.

So, faithful reader, what's your dream job? If you could do anything, what would it be? Remember, we can't take any money, material possessions, status or fame with us, so where do you want to invest your efforts? Towards what cause do you want to be working?????

Thursday, November 27, 2008


As I was rushing into Walmart last night to retrieve my 2nd graham cracker crust of the day (the first one became unsalvageable after crumbling into my sink), I'm ashamed (and humbled) to admit that I was complaining to myself about how many times I had been to the store over the past 2 days (4 trips to be exact). WOW! What a problem I had to deal the midst of so much suffering in the world: poverty, war, disease, greed, hunger, corrupt leaders, genocide - I could go on, I was genuinely upset over having to frequent a mass retailer multiple times. I was once again reminded how quickly I am to lose perspective. During the holiday season, we are often so caught up in the rush that perspective goes right out the window. So, in the spirit of thanksgiving, I will be grateful for 26 things in my life (to correspond with the 26 years I have lived):
1. my dear sister Michelle, who also happens to be my best friend - I honestly don't know what I'd do without her and I am forever grateful to be able to count her as one of my biggest blessings!
2. my precious family - parents who are still married, 2 sweet grandmas, aunts & uncles, amazing fousins (friends + cousins = fousins)
3. Haylee Grace, my 2-year old niece who has injected me with new life
4. my future nephew/niece to be born in June - I'm so grateful for your future life
5. my health
6. my eyesight that allows me to see amazing sunsets, gorgeous flowers and my beautiful friends & family
7. my new apartment w/my new roomie crystal - thanks for being a loyal friend since I was 8 years old
8. my education - so many in this world are unable to even receive an elementary education - what a luxury I have been given to make it through college
9. Watermark community church - the pastor, staff and members have taught me the meaning of being a Christian - we are to be like Christ in that we seek to serve, not be served!
10. faith, hope and love
11. redemption
12. 2 functioning legs that allow me to walk, run, jump and dance
13. Andi - my trusty old civic - she might not be much to look at, but i'm so fortunate to have a functioning auto
14. falling gas prices :)
15. trials in my life - james 1:12
16. my inspiring, loyal and steadfast friends - kori, hailey, cryssie, meg, stal, brookie, my sissy, michael -- you mean the world to me
17. a good bottle of white wine & a cheap bottle of champagne
18. black beans from Gloria's
20. chapstick
21. my comfy bed
22. a dishwasher & washing machine
23. starbucks coffee
24. my hearing - it allows me to enjoy music, carry on a conversation & know when I need to shut my mouth
25. coke zero & diet dr pepper
26. my future - i'm grateful that the Lord know the plans that he has for me, plans to give me a hope and a future!

May you have much to be grateful for - whether big or small! And may we seek to serve this holiday season!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Her eggo is preggo!

I figured this post deserved it's own entry:

My sister is pregnant!!! I found out a little bit early than her planned announcement, but living in such close proximity, these things are bound to come to light. She is just about through her 1st trimester and is due June 1st. We are so excited and can't wait to meet the new member of our family!


Is anybody out there?

Wow wowie wow! If there is anybody out there still reading this, I sincerely apologize for my almost 2-month hiatus from the blogging world. I must admit that I've been somewhat of a nomad, so that's my excuse. I've been living with my sister for aboout 2 months, and it seems that any routine tasks I used to be accustomed to doing have gone right out the window. However, I am back to fill you in on life lately...

I had an awesome birthday party to celebrate my 26 years on this earth. It was themed "Rachel's Margaritaville" and included a margarita recipe contest that I presided as the judge over. I had all my best friends there, and was SO much fun. Here are some pics from the festivities:

After my birthday came Haylee's 2nd birthday. We had a fun day playing at the mall and having dinner & cake at Nick and Michelle's. These past 2 months have been so special in that Haylee and I have gotten to spend so much time together. We have danced, laughed, sang and hugged it out. I love her so much and can't imagine what it's like to actually be a parent. That kind of love is unfathomable.

We also quasi-celebrated my sister's birthday, but unfortunately, she wasn't quite feeling up to par on her don't even have pictures from the celebration because she refused to let me take any pictures. What can ya do? Nonetheless, here's a super belated shout out to my sister: HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY!!! You've got one year left to enjoy your 20s...YIKES!
There were various other things going on as well. Meagan celebrated her 25th birthday with a fiesta at Chuy's. We had a pinata, courtesy of Crys. It was a lot of fun!
Halloween was a fun time with a big dinner party at Blake & Hailey's house. I was a desperate housewife...go figure!
I also attended Cole's (Lyric and RT's son) 1st birthday party. The theme was "Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?" Everything was super cute, and Cole was even wearing a tie! That same day we also celebrated my mom's birthday. We surprised her with dinner at Mi Cocina and had cake at Michelle's afterward. We even got the Christmas season started a little bit early and watched "It's a Wonderful Life" that night. What can I say? We're suckers for the Christmas movies!
This past weekend was Haylee's 2nd birthday party (a month and a half late). It was a Hello Kitty themed party. They had a mini bounce house, but Haylee was apparently quite terrified of the prospect so she wouldn't actually get in. It was pretty funny! She got some fun toys, and everyone had a great time.
So...aside from my daily life, that's about it. I'm SO looking forward to the holidays, but I'm already loathing the drop in temperatures...yes, 60 degrees is too chilly for me...ha ha!
I hope as Thanksgiving approaches, you are all truly blessed beyond belief. May we seek to serve, not be served!