Wednesday, July 2, 2014

toes in the water.

A couple of months ago, I decided it was high time for a good 'ole family vacation. I had been thinking about it for probably a year and finally pulled the trigger -- booked a beach trip for the whole fam dam and surprised them with the plans on Mother's Day (via a scavenger hunt around the house). I can't even begin to express how hard it was to keep it a secret AND how excited I was for the big reveal. It felt like Christmas morning all over again.

Once our departure date arrived, we packed it up and headed to Florida for some serious beach time. And when I say beach time, I'm talking we were there from sun up to sun down with zero breaks. It's almost laughable to when I think back to the idea that I would take a leisurely nap up in the room each afternoon - hardee har har. Suffice it to say, this did not happen...but I'm so glad it didn't because I got to spend precious time with my loves and the rest of my fam. 

We played on the beach, hunted for seashells, floated in the waves, flew down a giant water slide (that was a wild ride, let me tell ya), swam in the pool, ate dinner together every night (seafood, of course), and capped off the trip with a dolphin cruise. It was such a special time and I will treasure the memories. Here it all is in pictures.