Thursday, August 22, 2013

thoughts for thursday.

I am a new subscriber to a email newsletter that sends out a daily reading from C.S. Lewis. So far, I've been loving it (no surprise there), and felt particularly led to share today's excerpt. It is taken from the brilliant work (one of my favorites) titled The Screwtape Letters wherein a "head demon" coaches a new rookie in the ways they can effectively lead a soul to Hell. 

In this particular passage, the coach (if you will) is describing how the rookie can use the concept of time to corrupt his target. Specifically, he wants him to get humans to not live in the present (or with a mind set on eternity), but rather focus on the future -- which leads to worry, fear, etc.

Clearly, though, he does a much better job, so without further ado, I will let Mr. Lewis take it from here:

On time

[The demon Screwtape writes:] The humans live in time but our Enemy destines them to eternity. He therefore, I believe, wants them to attend chiefly to two things, to eternity itself, and to that point of time which they call the Present. For the Present is the point at which time touches eternity. Of the present moment, and of it only, humans have an experience analogous to the experience which our Enemy has of reality as a whole; in it alone freedom and actuality are offered them. He would therefore have them continually concerned either with eternity (which means being concerned with Him) or with the Present—either meditating on their eternal union with, or separation from, Himself, or else obeying the present voice of conscience, bearing the present cross, receiving the present grace, giving thanks for the present pleasure.

Our business is to get them away from the eternal, and from the Present. With this in view, we sometimes tempt a human (say a widow or a scholar) to live in the Past. But this is of limited value, for they have some real knowledge of the past and it has a determinate nature and, to that extent, resembles eternity. It is far better to make them live in the Future. Biological necessity makes all their passions point in that direction already, so that thought about the Future inflames hope and fear. Also, it is unknown to them, so that in making them think about it we make them think of unrealities. In a word, the Future is, of all things, the thing least like eternity. It is the most completely temporal part of time—for the Past is frozen and no longer flows, and the Present is all lit up with eternal rays. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

friday funsies.

So I spotted this "Getting to Know You" quiz on another blog and thought I would have a little Friday fun and put it up on here for all my loyal readers. I'm talking to you, Dad and Elisa! (Oh, and China and Li as well!)

I answered this pretty quickly, so I wouldn't really consider my answers thoughtful or deep. It was really just the first thing that came to mind. If anyone else feels like wasting time, please do the quiz on your blog.

What was your favorite subject in school? English
What is your favorite flavor of jelly beans? Ummm...watermelon?
Which flavor of ice-cream do you prefer? nutella, coffee, and ameretto gelato from Old Bridge in Vatican City (oh yeah, I went there)
What do you think is your very best feature or characteristic? Probably that my anger subsides/ I can't stay mad for very long; also have a pretty good memory and strangely enough, I think I have super sonic hearing
What is your strongest talent? my ability to dominate board games (mostly scattergories and catch phrase)...oh, and some people like my baking (:
Do you play a musical instrument, if so which one(s)? I wish more than anything I could play the piano
What do you usually do when you have leisure time on your hands? read a book OR more than likely, take a nap. I am a world-class napper with a black belt in snoozing
What is your favorite season? SUMMER
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? probably Jerusalem
What is your favorite color? robin egg blue, coral, turquoise, emerald green, plum (oh wait, that's five)

What is your favorite food? Neapolitan-style pizza (with arugula and prosciutto if we're getting specific)
Do you prefer to wear pants or dresses? dresses, all day, every day
How many siblings do you have? just one beautiful seester

What is you favorite snack? yogurt, berries, or anything with salsa

Do you have pets? that would be a negative
What is your favorite sport to watch? gymnastics (or anything on the summer Olympics)

What was the last item you cooked and ate? roasted vegetables
How many books did you read last year? no clue...there were quite a few
Where did you spend your last vacation? ITALIA!!!!!

Are you ticklish? most definitely
What size shoe do you wear? 7.5

What age do you consider old? changes all the time
Do you like your handwriting? not particularly
What is your full name? Rachel Christine Lawrence, AKA Rachie, Rachie-chie, Cheech, Cheechers
Were you named after anyone? Jacob's favored wife (ha)

Have you ever been horseback riding? sure have, just rode this past new year's
Have you ever been water skiing? oh yeah, rocked those skis on lake LBJ - holler

Can you change a tire? Most definitely not
Is your room more clean or more messy? Neat and orderly - I detest clutter
Do you prefer a bath or a shower? How is this even a question? Shower
What do you prefer to drink with your morning meal? Mimosas...or coffee...or both
If you had to be stranded on a deserted island with one person, who would you want that one person to be? Jesus - is that an option?
Which animal would you most like for your pet? One that doesn't exist or perhaps a pet rock
Do you like sweet treats or salty treats? Combo of both...obsessed with kettle corn lately
Have you ever sung in the shower? Absolutely
Do you find it easy to save money?'s much harder for me to spend it and that's not a facetious statement

Which do you prefer you had - straight or curly hair? curly when I want it and the exact type of curl I want...not to be particular or anything
What color eyes do you most like? pale blue
What would you say is your normal exercise routine? Walking to and from the parking lot. (a very sad truth)

Have you ever had acrylic nails? Ha, yes, one time in Cali. It was a tragic mistake.
Do you like to dance? Do I like to breathe?
Do you save trinkets and mementos? no. I used to, but this goes back to that hatred of clutter statement I made
Do you like drinking from the cup or a straw? straw
Do you like ice in your cold beverages? if it's special Sonic ice
What is your favorite sandwich? PB&J with banana (for real)
Do you carry floss in your purse? sometimes
Where is the farthest you have ever traveled? Positano, Italy

Which family member do you most resemble? the pops
Which family member are you more like? got characteristics of them both
What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you? breaking both my wrists at the same time was pretty weird

Do you live in a house, trailer or apartment, etc.? hizzouse
Have you ever won anything? If so, what did you win? I won the jackpot lotto--just not telling anyone. oh wait...

Do you prefer mountainous or flat regions? mountains
What is your favorite book?  The Great Divorce and Quo Vadis
Name all of the pets you have ever had? Tigger, Oreo, and a couple beta fish - I think their names were Noah (or was it Moses?) and Crystal
Do you mow the lawn at your residence? nope, but someone sure needs to trim that jungle. whoops a daisies
Have you ever been in a musical drama or play? If so, what was it? yes siree, bob! I was in all the plays in grade school and was also in Annie. I was a non-descript orphan

What is your favorite childhood memory? probably playing tickle monster with my dad or all the birthdays that my mom made so special
Have you ever been hospitalized other than when you were born? ha - that is an affirmative. jaw surgery and the 'ole bilateral fractures

What is your favorite fruit? strawbizzles and cherries
What color of clothing do you most like to wear? jewel tones or coral
What is your favorite cereal? Reeses puffs (yes, I am a 7-year-old) and Quaker oatmeal squares
What is your favorite breakfast? monkey bread on Christmas morning. so bad, but so good

What is the longest car trip you have ever taken? Probably from Texas to Minnesota
Do you know how to iron your clothes? does putting them in the dryer count?
Can you sew a button on your clothing? yeah, about that...sadly, no

In other news, China Claus is coming to town and I can't wait to see this girl's beautiful face. 

Whatever you got cookin' this weekend, I hope it's beautiful and filled with love.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

TBT: volume 2

I posted this bad boy on the gram that is insta, but thought I would throwback Thursday on the 'ole blog-a-rooski as well. You know, just for funsies and all.

Here Shelly and I are hitchin' a free ride on a very young, very spry Pops, some 25-26 years ago? Was there anything better than a double-decker piggy back ride when you were a kid? Well, maybe it wasn't so great for Michelle (or my dad for that matter), but I sure was sittin' pretty at the top. 

(Speaking of my dad, I think it's safe to say one too many of these contributed to his back problems, but I think he would totally agree that it was worth it.)

And would ya get a load of the blue ribbon being proudly displayed for the camera? I'm guessing that was awarded at some sort of field day. You know the kind - with the sack races, water balloon toss, and relay race...definitely the best day of the school year, but I digress.

Anywho, thanks for taking a trip down memory lane on this Throwback Thursday. Happy almost Friday - woo hoo! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

hump day.

For those of you that haven't seen the greatness that is the Geico hump day camel commercial, this post isn't for you. However, for those who have seen it, I had to share this print:

My favorite part without question is "Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike - What day is it, Mike?"

For all my readers (or is it singular, reader?) who are putting in their time, typing away in a cube farm, day in and day out, Happy Hump Day! 

That's right, it's Wednesday -- live it up! Put some pep in that step and a smile on your face. Sing out loud in the car on your way home. Why? Because the weekend is so close you can taste it!

These crazy characters know how to celebrate Hump Day. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

TBT (throwback thursday)

In honor of "Throwback Thursday," I would like to take this ripe opportunity to post some of my fave instagram pics captured over the past year and a half or so. This is by NO means an exhaustive list, nor is there any rhyme or reason for this post. I just felt like doing it and it's my blog with an average of 1-3 readers, so I figure, what the heck? Let's get crazy.

Disclaimer: beware of an instagram picture bonanaza. It was SOOO hard to narrow this down to less than 500 pics - ha. And picking just a few from Italy, ugh, forget about it. I wanted to post them all!! Nevertheless, I exercised some (moderate) restraint and selected just a few.

cheers and bubbles...enough said

love this pic of Mere

one of my favorite verses from the gospels, right smack in the middle of a retail strip

hello cherry blossom season in D.C.

one of my all-time favorite pics of me and China: Easter 2012

might not be the highest quality pic, but it was the night I downloaded the instagram app and also takes me back to our Shane & Shane jam session in the car on Easter Eve

kisses from E in a magical wonderland of floral explosion

all smiles on her 3rd birthday

i love, love, love this pic. it was at an outdoor concert and the sun's rays were shining in such a perfect way. the arms raised in the corner was just a total coincidence, but i love that it looks like they are reaching up to God in heaven.

Haylee with her Paw-Paw after her ballet recital

this is Mere: gangster-style

running into the biebs at Amy's ice cream in the ATX

seesters in Austin

posing while waiting for their sunscreen to dry

E and me at my birthday rendezvous in Waco - will never forget how special she made that 30th birthday celebration

crazy faces before bedtime

taking in the Florence skyline atop the piazza de michalengelo

the view from the cupola at the tip-top of the Duomo in Florence

basking in the sun with my own bottle of prosecco on the beach of Positano

boat tour of the Amalfi coast

Capri words

the glorious glow of Positano at night

one of my top 3 or quite possibly my favorite picture from Italy just outside our little hotel in Positano

hello St. Peter's Basilica in Roma

making a wish on my 30th birthday (side note: that cake was the bomb dot com from the cake stand in mckinney)

"all that glitters is gold" party

breaking it down on the dance floor (AKA my living room) - love Crystal's face

cheers to 3 decades

mama bear with her 2 cubs on her birthday

thanksgiving dinner 2012, fousin-style

posing on the grounds of Mr. George Washington's estate in Virginia

keepin' it classy with the fish face

view of the river just outside 'ole Georgie's house

tasting some vino at our favorite winery in VA

love this super-vogue shot. china looks so statuesque

a very blue Christmas (tree) in Bryant Park

besties at the annual Jingle Mingle

overload of cuteness, courtesy of Mere bear

enjoying our white Christmas in Texas

sister selfie in the snow

Christmas joy - love this so much it hurts

we - are - family

more Christmas joy...and i love how the lights are captured in this shot

Salt Lick, fousins, Shiner = perfect day

workin' the runway like a boss

hugs from my favorite 6-year-old

putting pinterest tips to use on my cake

hanging with two of my favorite girls

just hangin' with the Spazmatics at the company party, nbd

a little bit crazy, a little bit normal -- and yes, they dressed themselves

Happy 3-0 to Crystal!

workin' the impromptu "photo booth" at Crystal's bday bash

so much to love about this

someone didn't get the crazy memo

celebrating the Pop's bday

taking advantage of one of those few unseasonably warm days that come well before spring

LA's wedding

chillin' at the Lincoln Memorial in DC

family time at the casa

don't stop believing - no other words needed

a visit from the sugarplum fairy

silly faces

sister love

happy 4th birthday, Mere!

a 3-tiered approach. please note Hay's posed hand on my shoulder...i laugh every time

cheesin' it up with Mommy

chocolate silk pie from breadwinner's...NO words, i die

love this selfie pic from the 4th of july - so good

amusing ourselves pre-fireworks show

never get tired of the Texas sky (july 4th sunset)

fireworks=one of the my very favorite things in life

4th of July weekend, kickin' it resort-style. holler.

sweet sisters - my heart melts

thuggin' it up with my homegirl

another glorious sunset - glory to God