Thursday, August 1, 2013

TBT (throwback thursday)

In honor of "Throwback Thursday," I would like to take this ripe opportunity to post some of my fave instagram pics captured over the past year and a half or so. This is by NO means an exhaustive list, nor is there any rhyme or reason for this post. I just felt like doing it and it's my blog with an average of 1-3 readers, so I figure, what the heck? Let's get crazy.

Disclaimer: beware of an instagram picture bonanaza. It was SOOO hard to narrow this down to less than 500 pics - ha. And picking just a few from Italy, ugh, forget about it. I wanted to post them all!! Nevertheless, I exercised some (moderate) restraint and selected just a few.

cheers and bubbles...enough said

love this pic of Mere

one of my favorite verses from the gospels, right smack in the middle of a retail strip

hello cherry blossom season in D.C.

one of my all-time favorite pics of me and China: Easter 2012

might not be the highest quality pic, but it was the night I downloaded the instagram app and also takes me back to our Shane & Shane jam session in the car on Easter Eve

kisses from E in a magical wonderland of floral explosion

all smiles on her 3rd birthday

i love, love, love this pic. it was at an outdoor concert and the sun's rays were shining in such a perfect way. the arms raised in the corner was just a total coincidence, but i love that it looks like they are reaching up to God in heaven.

Haylee with her Paw-Paw after her ballet recital

this is Mere: gangster-style

running into the biebs at Amy's ice cream in the ATX

seesters in Austin

posing while waiting for their sunscreen to dry

E and me at my birthday rendezvous in Waco - will never forget how special she made that 30th birthday celebration

crazy faces before bedtime

taking in the Florence skyline atop the piazza de michalengelo

the view from the cupola at the tip-top of the Duomo in Florence

basking in the sun with my own bottle of prosecco on the beach of Positano

boat tour of the Amalfi coast

Capri words

the glorious glow of Positano at night

one of my top 3 or quite possibly my favorite picture from Italy just outside our little hotel in Positano

hello St. Peter's Basilica in Roma

making a wish on my 30th birthday (side note: that cake was the bomb dot com from the cake stand in mckinney)

"all that glitters is gold" party

breaking it down on the dance floor (AKA my living room) - love Crystal's face

cheers to 3 decades

mama bear with her 2 cubs on her birthday

thanksgiving dinner 2012, fousin-style

posing on the grounds of Mr. George Washington's estate in Virginia

keepin' it classy with the fish face

view of the river just outside 'ole Georgie's house

tasting some vino at our favorite winery in VA

love this super-vogue shot. china looks so statuesque

a very blue Christmas (tree) in Bryant Park

besties at the annual Jingle Mingle

overload of cuteness, courtesy of Mere bear

enjoying our white Christmas in Texas

sister selfie in the snow

Christmas joy - love this so much it hurts

we - are - family

more Christmas joy...and i love how the lights are captured in this shot

Salt Lick, fousins, Shiner = perfect day

workin' the runway like a boss

hugs from my favorite 6-year-old

putting pinterest tips to use on my cake

hanging with two of my favorite girls

just hangin' with the Spazmatics at the company party, nbd

a little bit crazy, a little bit normal -- and yes, they dressed themselves

Happy 3-0 to Crystal!

workin' the impromptu "photo booth" at Crystal's bday bash

so much to love about this

someone didn't get the crazy memo

celebrating the Pop's bday

taking advantage of one of those few unseasonably warm days that come well before spring

LA's wedding

chillin' at the Lincoln Memorial in DC

family time at the casa

don't stop believing - no other words needed

a visit from the sugarplum fairy

silly faces

sister love

happy 4th birthday, Mere!

a 3-tiered approach. please note Hay's posed hand on my shoulder...i laugh every time

cheesin' it up with Mommy

chocolate silk pie from breadwinner's...NO words, i die

love this selfie pic from the 4th of july - so good

amusing ourselves pre-fireworks show

never get tired of the Texas sky (july 4th sunset)

fireworks=one of the my very favorite things in life

4th of July weekend, kickin' it resort-style. holler.

sweet sisters - my heart melts

thuggin' it up with my homegirl

another glorious sunset - glory to God


elisa said...

As you may guess, I LOVE these photos. Miss you fuzzy and so grateful I get to see little snippets of your life via insta and your blog. Lots of hugs and fousin lovins and can't wait to see you and hear about your upcoming trip!!!! SO stinkin exciting!!!!

RL said...

Thanks, E! I know I can count on you to give me some blog love and I feel the same way when I get to see your pics. Lots of love and prayers right back at ya. Can't wait to see you in just a few weeks. Woo hoo!!!!!!!!