Monday, November 9, 2009

a few tricks and a whole lotta treats

While I've never really been a huge fan of Halloween, I do like the opportunity to dress up, wear crazy makeup, eat yummy pumpkin treats and see my nieces dressed up in their insanely A-dorable costumes. This year's festivities included all that and a whole lot more.

Since I had a big bash to attend/host later in the evening, I headed over to see Minnie Mouse and her cat, Figaro in the early afternoon. Haylee and Meredith made quite the pair and I'm so glad I was able to snap a few photos with the girls. I am a proud aunt and happen to think my nieces are the cutest girls in the whole wide world. Check out Haylee's red lips in the photos...I die!

After I had properly documented (photographically speaking) my nieces' Halloween 2009, I hightailed it home to prepare for the night's festivities. First, I had to get busy icing the cake for the birthday boy. Who knew making orange icing could go so darn tricky? That icing is a finicky little bugger.

Once that was done lickity split, I had to get myself ready. Since I'm pretty much anti-spending any money on a costume I'll be wearing for one night, I put together a "fairy princess" ensemble combining a thrift store wedding dress (borrowed from a friend), fairy wings, a tiara and a wand (all borrowed from Pearl's dress-up collection). Twas a makeshift costume, but you can't beat the $0 price tag. I figured if I put on enough makeup and glitter, I could make it work. Once I had piled on more glitter than you would see at toddler beauty pageant, I was out the door and headed to a "Bloody Birthday Banquet."

Halloween happens to be my friend's (Nicholas) birthday. Obviously, the party planning crew (i.e. me) was in full swing for another rip-roaring birthday bash. Here is the text from the Evite:

Come one and come all, our dearly departed. It's time once again to get the party started! We'll eat and we'll sing. We'll dance by the pool. A birthday we're throwing for our favorite ghoul. Nicholas is aging and since you're his buddy, please come to a banquet that's sure to be bloody. Werewolves and goblins, a vampire or two, you better bring food or the food might be you. After dinner we'll toast and sing by the fire, then more guests will arrive in their ghostly attire. Your absence we would most certainly lament, so please, by all means, beware of the basement. All guest must select a course to provide. If you fail to do this, may fate be your guide. The night draws near and fills with more terror. Forgetting to RSVP might be your last error. So be sure to steer clear of the cellar with wine. We look forward to this time to drink and to dine.

I was given full access to his primo kitchen to prepare my dishes for the "potluck." To say it was a dream would be a gross understatement. I only wish I had such facilities at my disposal on a daily basis. I would definitely host my own cooking show and put it on my blog for your enjoyment. I digress...

I made baked shrimp with feta, tomatoes and artichokes, green beans with caramelized onions and pears and beer bread. Also included in the spread was pork tenderloin, mixed veggies, spaghetti (random), cornbread, salad and a couple of dips. I was a snob and ate mostly my own food - ha!

The dinner setting was as delightful as the food. There was a lovely table set up outside underneath a white tent with twinkle lights. It rivaled a scene out of a movie.

We also felt the need to test out the dance floor in between courses. Luckily, Krystal and I had the perfect ensembles and were more than up to the task. Some others joined in as well.

It was only a slight diversion and we were back to the food. Obviously, every birthday celebration requires a birthday cake. I baked up a real doozy: my rum-soaked cake with cream cheese icing.

After the candles were blown out, the cake had been cut (and devoured) and the kitchen scrubbed down, it was time to prep for the may-juh after party that was scheduled to commence at the witching hour. The haunted house had to be set up in the basement, the bedroom had to be turned into a photo studio (see pics below), the sink had to be filled with beverages, the fog machines had to be filled and the disco light needed to be hooked up. Whew! It was loco, but we got it done and it was time to party...or in my case, cut a RUG!

This party was B-U-M-P-I-N-G, BUMPING! Holy cow. I don't know if I've ever been in a house with so many people. And let me tell you that in the span of about 4 hours, I did NOT leave the dance floor for more than a few minutes. I was a dancing machine, and had the time of my life. Highlights included "Thriller," "Don't Stop Believing," "Groove is in the Heart" (shoutout to Michelle and the fousins), "Billy Jean," "Shout"...and so many more. Gosh, I don't think there was a song that didn't prompt me to bust a move AND sing out loud! Here's a video for your viewing/listening enjoyment.

Obviously, breaks for pictorials were absolutely necessary. Here are some of my favorite shots of the evening.

After the last bag of trash had been taken out and the last dish was dried, a few of us enjoyed a much-deserved dip in the hot tub. It was the perfect end to a memorable night and I'm so glad I was a part!


Kori said...

You make a precious fairy!!! I LOVE that thrift store dress. It made for a great costume! The party looked like so much fun!!! I don't doubt you danced for almost 5 hours straight!

RL said...

thanks! glad you liked the costume. and yes, the party was a blast with a capital B (: