Friday, November 13, 2009

keeping me honest

As you may recall, I embarked on the "Thanksgiving Challenge" for the month of November which basically limits spending on food to $100. Always the over-achiever, I decided to lower the figure to $70. I might have been a bit too ambitious...

So, how am I doing? Have I opted for a rice and beans diet? Not exactly. I didn't think it would be very challenging to forgo my normal meals, so I've been trying to roughly stick to my normal grocery list, while still making every effort to meet my goal. I have made two shopping trips so far totalling: $25 and $12 respectively. The $25 shopping trip really threw me for a loop. I was totally shocked (and appalled) that I had managed to spend over a third of my budget so early in the month.

However, I have since regrouped and decided to be more aggressive with my efforts. I have managed (so far) to bypass a shopping trip this week, and instead of my usual salad, I made soup with ingredients I had on hand. I also cut back on my one soda a day habit so that I would only have to purchase one more 12-pack to get me through the month of November. That being said, I will most likely have to make a trip today, but I'm going to ONLY purchase the bare minimum.

Right now I sit at $37 spent which leaves me with $33. Can I do it??? I'll keep you posted. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

The suspense is killing me! How will you possibly be able to go an entire month on just $75? Even $100? I can't imagine, but, if you can do it, I say, "More power to you!" You go, girl!!!

RL said...

you better believe i'm going to do it. don't doubt the fierce competitor inside me. AND, please note the goal is $70, not $75. i like a challenge!