Saturday, November 14, 2009

open for business!

Well, kind an effort to launch my bakery, Meagan commissioned a birthday cake for a trio of Cavanaugh (or former Cavanaugh) ladies who were celebrating their birthdays this past weekend. I was honored she would pay me for one of my creations, and she requested my amaretto cake with cream cheese icing. It is my signature cake, so it was quite fitting that it would be my "first order." Here is a look at the final work.

I know it's a far cry from bakery standards (appearance wise), but she said they enjoyed it and that's what matters to me!

So, thanks again Meg for your business. If anyone should be interested in purchasing one of my baked goods, just let me know - I'm open for business!

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Anonymous said...

I know this cake. I love this cake. I want this cake. I will have some soon. YUM-O!!!