Monday, November 23, 2009

check and check.

Greetings to you blogger friends! I hope you all had delightful weekends and have managed to get through another Monday in the flashiest of flashes. Hey, no matter how bad your day may have been (or how much you didn't want to get out of bed on this foggy morning), visions of turkey, pie and football dancing in your head are surely helping you to keep it all in perspective...or maybe I'm just speaking for myself?

My weekend was pretty much perfect if you ask me. It was the perfect combination of all my favorite things and was capped off with a birthday celebration for my mama bear.

Let's have a little rundown of my weekend checklist, shall we?

1. Babysit the love of my life and watch Mickey's Christmas Carol eighteen times so my sis could have a much-deserved date night (and margarita). Check!
2. Get in the kitchen and bake up a little amaretto birthday cake covered in a sugary blanket of butter cream icing. Check!
3. Volunteer with my prayer partner to serve in West Dallas and spend Saturday morning cleaning up the community. Check!
4. Take not one, but two glorious naps on the couch. Check and check!!
5. Prepare and consume two beautifully delicious meals involving the likes of grilled salmon, baked shrimp, sweet potatoes, beer bread, salads featuring gorgonzola cheese, pear and caramelized onion, roasted brussel sprouts...are you drooling yet? Check!

6. Attend church on Sunday morning whilst sipping a jazzy Starbucks holiday beverage. Check!
7. Toast my mommy's life with some delectably divine wine. Check!
8. Watch two Christmas movies (The Family Stone and It's a Wonderful Life) and bust out the Christmas CDs. Check!
9. Become overwhelmed (for about the thirteenth time this week) over God's faithfulness, love and answer to prayer. May-juh check!

I hope your weekend was beautifully blessed as well!

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Meggers1021 said...

Busy weekend, sounds like fun!!! Have a great time in Austin. I will miss you and will need a Rachie fix when you return. Love you bunches!!!