Monday, June 1, 2009

a-town: numero dos

In light of the serious delay in my posts, I will keep this short and sweet. After Lianna's lovely bridal shower in Austin, we packed into Andi and headed to the Dehan's new lakehouse. The weather was a bit dodgy, as it rained all the way there, but we arrived safe and sound and ready to celebrate Elisa's birthday.

We started the fun with some margaritas and sangria, and I chipped in and made some homemade guacamole for everyone to eat while we waited on the burgers. Once the burgers were grilled, everyone grabbed a plate and filled it with hamburgers, baked beans, coleslaw and sweet potato fries (courtesy of Elisa and me). After dinner, Ed played some guitar and even graced us with a few diddys. We followed our music entertainment with the ubiquitous (and slightly off-key) happy birthday serenade to the birthday girl, which was sung over a chocolate chip cake with chocolate icing. The evening concluded with a lively chat on the rooftop deck underneath a blanket of stars.

sitting underneath the stars

After going to church on Sunday, we drove home under a gloomy sky. I must say things did not look like they were going to turn out well for us, in terms of lake activities. We tried to keep our chins up, and soothed our souls with some yummy eggs, coffee, fruit, cinnamon rolls, donuts and blueberry bread. Once brunch was cleaned up, the sun revealed its glorious face and we were ready for a day on the lake.

finally in the driver's seat

Since the boat was out of commission, we took turns on the jetski and I forgot how much fun riding (and driving) the jetski is. Although I suffered a minor injury to my toe, I had a blast.

all systems are a go

Throughout the day, we hung out on the deck, played cards, jumped off the deck into the lake, helped my aunt "patriotize" the lakehous and drank some yummy margaritas.

America, we salute you

fousins with the happy couple (btw, we are all older than the 2 actually getting married)

After a long day in the sun, we were treated to some yummy barbeque, corn on the cob and potato salad. I also got my first taste (but definitely not my last) of beer bread. We all loved it so much that Elisa had to make another pan of it that very night. (I have since made it for Michelle twice, and it's been a HUGE hit.)

cheers to a glorious day on the lake

Once we were sufficiently stuffed, we headed up to the deck and spent a good 3 hours looking at the stars. I saw constellations, shooting stars and satellites (and a few bats). Most importantly, I got to hang out with my cousin's fiancee, and it was such a treat getting to know him better. Ed is a great guy, and has really brought out an amazing side to Lianna that I am getting to see more and more. God has truly blessed their relationship, and it should be known that he is 100% approved in my book!

All in all, it was a great weekend and once again, I left with some great memories and with the knowledge that I'm so blessed to have cousins, who are also some of my best friends -- I LOVE Y'ALL!!!

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