Tuesday, June 16, 2009

barefoot and crazy

For those of you that don't follow country music, the title of this post most likely makes no sense. However, if you know the song, it's the perfect soundtrack for my lake-a-licious weekend. Well that, and Beyonce's "If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it." Gosh, I can't seem to shake that song.

Anyway, after the less than stellar week I had, there was a lot of built-up anticipation leading up to the weekend...well, the par-tay did not disappoint. This is my 2nd time at the lakehouse, and everytime I leave, I can't wait to come back for more. I headed south as soon as I left work and I couldn't get there soon enough. The moment I walked in the door, it was like a weight had been lifted off me and it was time for the festivities to begin.

thumbs up to a safe trip & a party waiting

Since we were all pretty tired, we had a mini dance party and then popped in a classic, Father of the Bride, to get us all in the wedding spirit. I had forgotten how much I love that movie. It is pure genius and had me laughing out loud even though my eyes were heavy and unwilling to stay open.

The next morning, we got up (fairly) early and started decorating for the big bash. We put up lots of beach-themed cutouts, streamers, leis and busted out some awesome sunglasses (pictured below).

a bouquet of hanging leis

Miss Lake LBJ

We also got to work on a couple snacky food items that we could eat throughout the day in between boating, skiing and sea dooing (that sounds weird). Once everyone was up and at 'em, we put on our suits, loaded into the boat (that actually worked for once) and got busy out on the lake. After a quick swim in one of the coves, a few of us took the skis out for a spin. It may or may not have taken me about 5 attempts to actually get up on my skis. I'm sure I was quite entertaining, but at least I didn't give up. We were blessed with an absolutely gorgeous day out on the lake - it was perfectly amazing!

After we had spent a good 2-3 hours on the lake (and after my 5 wipeouts + 1 successful ski session), it was time to refuel with some serious snackage. I got down with some chicken salad (a la Lianna), crackers, veggies and spinach dip (a la moi). It was the perfect lunch for a day on the lake.

Once we devoured some sustenance, we headed out for one more boat ride. We just cruised around the lake a little bit. There was no more skiing or any foolishness like that. It was just pure relaxation in the sun. After we got back, it was super hot and definitely time for a little dip...but not just any dip, we all wanted to jump off the deck. Here's a before and after shot.

ready for the big plunge
apparently very excited

Well friends, I think I'm going to divide the weekend into 2 posts, so I will close with our jump in the lake. Thanks for reading my blog - y'all are definitely the bees knees!

P.S. I just made this delicious treat for Nick's b-day tomorrow -- holy yum!!!

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