Tuesday, July 21, 2009

you know you make me wanna shout!

Welcome to the end of the line comrades. I must admit that I am pretty pleased with myself to be wrapping up this series of posts (Lianna and Ed's wedding weekend) prior to the end of the month. Initially, it was a daunting task, but like all posts of this magnitude (it's a very riiisonable price for a cake 'a this magnitude), breaking it down into 4 manageable segments proved to be the way to go.

The Reception

After Ed McCabe and Lianna Dehan became Mr. & Mrs. Ed McCabe, it was officially time to let our proverbial hair down, indulge in a savory meal, sip a cocktail (or 2) and bust a move on the dance floor that had been calling my name ever since I heard the words live band. (You just can't beat live music. I know it's not always in the budget, but I would postulate that forgoing extravagant decor, food or drinks in favor of a band is totally legit).

me, Michelle, Mere-Bear and Mamacita pre-dinner

While I hear the cocktail hour was lovely, complete with scrumptious passed appetizers, I cannot say I arrived in adequate time to imbibe in the aforementioned treats. Despite my tardy entrance into the reception, I was not going to dwell on what I missed, but instead focused on the fun that would surely commence.

Knowing the bride and groom would be introduced in just a matter of minutes, I grabbed my table card with seating assignment, hightailed it over to the bar for my signature drink (a glass of the bubbly) and hustled on into the dining room to take my seat. Lucky for me, I was at a table with some of my favorite peeps: my cousins Micah and Marissa, my sis and Nick, and some of the Dehan cousins whom I knew from previous family gatherings.

The bride and groom were announced and quickly ushered onto the dance floor for their 1st dance as a married couple. The tune of choice was the always popular, classic hit "The Way You Look Tonight." The newly minted couple dazzled the crowd with a few showy moves taught to them just the night before, courtesy of their professional instructor, Miss Christina Dehan. Their crowd-pleasing jaunt across the dance floor was just the right mix of flashy moves and slow dance sway. I heartily approved.

the couple's 1st dance

giving the crowd what they want

Just prior to dinner service, the illustrious Elisa made an announcement regarding a little table activity that involved group sing-a-longs for the bride and groom. In lieu of the traditional tapping of the glass to prompt the bride and groom to kiss, each table was to sing a verse from their love song of choice. I must be forthcoming in saying I was not entirely sold on this idea. I really did not expect it to work, but lo and behold, the tables rallied and it turned out to be a rousing good time. Memorable song choices included "Sweet Caroline" (amended to be "sweet Lianna"), "You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling," and "A Whole New World." After watching My Best Friend's Wedding for about the 986th time the night before, the natural choice for our table was "Say a Little Prayer for You."

While the tables performed their hearts out, the club staff actually managed to serve dinner. The plated menu included salad, salmon, rice and green beans. It might sound a bit crazy, but I think the highlight for me was the salad. I cannot recall the components, but the dressing was superb and there was some delightful cheese involved. I devoured most of my meal in order to adequately fuel a good 3 hours of non-stop dancing.

Michelle, me and Marissa at our table

As soon as the band got cranked up, I can honestly say with complete certainty that I do not think I missed dancing more than 2 or 3 songs. I only abandoned the dance floor to visit the ladies room (is that TMI?), assist Lianna in the ladies room with her somewhat cumbersome gown or to grab my camera when I spotted a prime Kodak moment. Our resident party animal, the one and only Haylee, was quite the dancing queen herself and could only be coerced off the floor for just a hot second in order to devour her own piece of cake.

bustin' a move with one of my fave dance partners (pardon my scary face)

Haylee with her favorite Mimi boogying to the music

Aunt Chie-Chie with Haylee on the dance floor

Haylee took over the stage and displayed some sweet dance moves

Speaking of cake, there were the traditional 2 cakes at their reception: a classic 4-tiered white cake decorated minimally with an elegant spray of flowers and a round chocolate cake emblazoned with an electric guitar as an ode to the groom's mad musical skills. The couple kept it clean during the cake-cutting, so there is no cake in the face shot to post here...

the beautiful wedding cake

the new couple cutting into the bride's cake

politely feeding each other bites of the groom's cake

Once the frosting-coated masses of flour and water ("a cake, Fronc, is made of flour and water. My first car didn't even cost 1200 dollars") had been cut, the band fired up the next set of tuneage and took the party to a new level. That dance floor was h-o-t-t, HOT!

me, China and Li out on the dance floor

Aunt Linda and the moms workin' it with some sweet dance moves

While I normally favor dancing sans-partner (in the past, they had the tendency to totally cramp my style), this wedding had me turning over a new leaf. Ed's groomsman were avid dancers and not shy about grabbing a girl and taking her for a spin out on the floor. I happily obliged to multiple dancing partners and had the time of my life. I so badly want to remember all of my favorite songs they played, but I was having so much fun that it's really all a blur of spins and dips. A few highlights for me were "You Look So Good in Love," "You Don't Know Me," and "Shout." I am not exaggerating when I say that everyone who had functioning legs was out of their seat and on that floor, so much so, that the band even did an encore to appease the rockin' crowd.

a very excited Michelle and Nick dancing the night away

the mother of the bride with the new couple

Sean taking his older sis for a spin on the floor

After the last song had been played, we were corralled outside and given sparklers to light as the newlyweds made their way out to the car. Nothing says congrats like flames, sparks and mild burns from lighters...ha ha.

a sparkler send-off for the bride and groom

At the risk of sounding utterly redundant, I have to say once again that I had the best 3 days. All of the festivities were so fun, I met some amazing people and I got to share it all with my family (immediate and extended). I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

one last photo opp of me with the bride

Congratulations you two crazy lovebirds! I hope the honeymoon was perfect in every way and I cannot wait to hear about your new life together. I am honored to have been a part of your wedding and am so grateful I got to share in the happiness and joy of your day!


Linda said...

great blog, linda and i enjoyed the descriptive account of the weddin and reception. thanks
chris and linda

RL said...

thanks for the comment! i'm so glad you enjoyed the post.

i, myself, am so happy to have been a part of the wedding. y'all threw an amazing celebration!!!

love you both!