Tuesday, July 28, 2009

another day, another shower

This past Sunday, we (my sister, Meredith, Hay-Hay and myself) celebrated the impending nuptials of Meagan Cavanaugh and Bryan Baker with a bridal shower at Las Colinas Country Club. The shower hostesses did a bang-up job organizing the shower, and it was a lovely time from start to finish.

the bride surrounded by all her friends

the bride-to-be, Michelle w/Meredith and me

Side story: Meagan and I have been friends for roughly 11 years. It started back in 10th grade, and I have so many HI-larious memories of the two of us. She was home schooled back in the day, so this pretty much translated into her spending the night regularly on weeknights. I recall many a night watching 90210 and Get Real that Michelle obsessively recorded every Wednesday. We both share an affinity for Sour Patch Kids, board games, bargain shopping and we both have a fierce competitive streak. Meagan has a huge heart and truly cares for all of those in her life. I am so happy to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, and I cannot wait for the big day.

me with the blushing bride, Meggers

After signing in at the guest table and mingling a bit with the other guests, we enjoyed some tasty nibbles including cucumber, chicken salad and egg salad tea sandwiches, copious amounts of fresh fruit and an array of mini desserts that boasted chocolate-covered strawberries, cheesecake filled ice cream cones and lemon tarts. It was just the sort of delightfully dainty food you would expect in a room filled with ladies. (I imagined a guy walking into the room and wondering ummm...where's the food...where's the meat?)

Crystal, me, Katy and Crystal (no typo, just 2 Crystals)

Haylee Grace kicking back in fly style

Once I had consumed my weight in pineapple, we were invited to participate in a little trivia titled: "How well do you know Meagan and Bryan?" Always up for a good party game, I was poised in my chair, pen in hand, ready to dominate...I think we can see where this is going. (Pride cometh before the fall). Unfortunately, as it turns out, I do not, in fact, know Meagan and Bryan very well. I still contest the rules weren't properly explained (i.e. Bryan DID propose in Florida, so sorry I didn't specifically say Sarasota), but I'm not at all bitter at my defeat.

While Meagan opened her bounty of gifts, I played mommy to Haylee for most of the shower so Michelle could tend to the little Mere-bear. Pearl behaved for the majority of the shower, and even dispensed gratuitous hugs to a number of the guests. She did get a little feisty when I wouldn't let her open Meagan's gifts, but I wouldn't expect anything less from my little princess...ha ha.

Aunt Chie-Chie with Haylee (and her ever-present sippy cup)

the bride holding up her gift from me and the sis

me with the sis and a slumbering Meredith

Perhaps the most unique component of the shower was that all 3 sets of sisters were in the same place at the same time: Misti & Crystal, Stephanie & Meagan and Michelle and me. Crystal, Meagan and I all have sisters who also happen to be relatively close in age. It has been quite some time since our last sister photo opp (I'm postulating Macaroni Grill circa 2001), so we all took ample opportunity to pictorially document this rare occurrence.


I am thrilled we all could be together to celebrate this special time for Meagan, and I look forward to us all being together soon.

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