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my lover is like a gazelle!

Hot diggity dog! This blogging stuff is hard work. I think I could make a full-time job out of this little hobby of mine. Anyone interested in providing the funding?

Well, enough chit chat I suppose. I had originally intended on keeping the wedding ceremony and reception together in 1 post, but I've got to break it down into 2. It's much more manageable that way, and makes me feel more accomplished.

So, without further ado, let's get down to business, shall we?

The Day of the Wedding

Despite the fact we had already had a day and half of fun-filled wedding-related festivities, the best was yet to come. While I slept in upstairs, the Dehan family enjoyed a little french toast breakfast before all of the wedding prep and mayhem began. Once I pulled myself off of the couch, I helped the bride-to-be with various things and ended up taking her to her hair and make-up appointment downtown. I was so glad I could actually be useful to the bride in her "time of need."

Once I made it back to the Dehan casa, I piddled around on the computer, laid around, stuffed my face with some chicken salad and finally decided to get myself ready for the main event. In order to attain the optimal lighting and space, the girls and I commandeered my aunt and uncle's bathroom (much to my uncle's chagrin). Once each section of hair was curled, lips sufficiently glossed, cheeks adequately blushed, jewelry securely fastened and dresses donned, we were on our way to the chapel (cue the track for "Going to the Chapel" and feel free to sing along in your head).

Upon our arrival, we made our way inside St. Michael's to a "holding room" of sorts where we could hang out and help Lianna get dressed. The bride was as cool as a cucumber and absolutely beaming. (It should go without saying that I never had any doubts about this union. You simply cannot fake the love these two have for each other. It is ever-present and always irrepressible).

a lovely shot with the bride pre-dress

As Lianna put her wedding gown on and placed the veil on her head, I was overwhelmed with the magnitude of the situation. My little cousin was a grown woman, a bride no less, and she was getting married to a wonderful guy whom she adored and who adored her.

the self-proclaimed "maid of horror" zipping her up nice and snug

capturing the expression that the reality is sinking in

another shot with the picture-perfect bride

the stunning bride ready for her walk down the aisle

a lovely shot of the complete bridal party

And just like that, I had to scurry on out of there, find my seat in the chapel and attempt to compose my fledgling emotions on account of my impending reading.

The Wedding Ceremony of Lianna & Ed

The musicians began playing the processional music as the bridesmaids and groomsmen made their way down the aisle. Once the ring bearer and flower girl (Ed's little brother Max and little sister Ava) had fulfilled their duties ("I forgot, is it right together left, or left together right"), it was time for the bride's grand entrance.

the line of bridesmaids awaiting the bride's grand entrance

The chapel doors opened wide and the bride made her way down the aisle with her proud dad by her side. A quick look and reassuring smile at her dad was the only time Lianna took her eyes off her groom who was waiting for his bride at the altar.

the proud father walking his baby girl down the aisle

As I looked on intently at the groom's face, I was reminded once again we are the bride of Christ. Seeing the apparent love in Ed's eyes, I could not help but reflect on Christ's inescapable and all-consuming love for us. While I had thus far managed to let only a few respectable tears slip down my cheeks, it was at this precise point in time I officially lost control of my emotions. I was no longer guiding the reigns of the metaphorical horse I was riding and was quite literally lost in the moment. So much so that when it was time for my reading, Lianna's aunt (and fellow scripture reader) had to nudge me up there.

I was a bit dishevelled, to say the least, and had to almost grip the podium for fear that my legs might give out. The passage was so beautiful and such an amazing picture of, not only a Christ-centered covenant between a man and a woman, but also an awesome expression of the way Christ longs for us as a lover longs for His bride. Of course, these thoughts began to permeate my mind and I struggled to resist the natural tendency to succumb to an emotional display of sorts. Every line successfully read was a mini-victory for me as I methodically made my way through the passage. I made it through and almost ran to my seat out of sheer relief.

The wedding mass of Lianna and Ed continued with the wedding vows, exchanging of the rings, scripture reading, a beautiful homily, communion and several truly beautiful songs. It is worth noting once again how much I adored Father James, the presiding priest over the wedding. His homily was so apparently inspired by God and such a firm, but gentle reminder of our primary call to love and serve Christ.

the lovely couple from the back

It was beautiful from start to finish, and even more than just a lovely ceremony, it was ordained by Christ, which at the end of the day, is more significant and far more important than everything else: the flowers, the dress, the programs (a sore subject), the tux, the rings...they all pale in comparison to the covenant that is made between two believers who are coming together under the call of Christ.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. McCabe! I was honored to be a reader and a witness to your vows. I pray for Christ's richest blessings on you both as you seek to serve and love each other in the way He has instructed us.

Highlights of the wedding:
1. The obvious one: Ed's face as Lianna made her walk down the aisle.
2. Father James 2nd reference to Barry White as he quoted Song of Songs during the homily. (This, by the way, is the meaning behind the post's title. His vocal interpretation of this line was priceless).
3. Seeing how unbelievable giddy and radiant Lianna was as she got dressed in her wedding gown and veil. Her happiness was both precious and contagious.

Stay tuned for the reception post. It was the party to end all parties!

P.S. I forgot to include my highlight from the previous day. It was singing an impromptu version of "Going to the Chapel" atop the Doubletree Hotel, overlooking the Austin skyline...whilst waiting for the rest of the crowd to spontaneously join along in one accord...except that they never did. Nevertheless, I have no regrets!

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