Monday, July 20, 2009

i'll cheers to that

A Feast Fit for 35 Years

Since July 20, 2009 marks the 35th year that my parents have been married, I thought a celebratory dinner, prepared by yours truly, was the least I could do to honor this momentous occasion. I wanted to create a menu that was comprised of elements they didn't normally eat, but I also wanted a couple of things to be relatively easy and simple. This is the menu I came up with:

spinach, pear and blue cheese salads
crusty italian bread with olive oil for dipping
shrimp scampi over linguine
molten lava chocolate cake

Once I packed up all the necessary components for the menu listed above, I made my way out to their new house in M-town. As soon as I arrived, I located the necessary cooking equipment and got busy prepping their anniversary meal.

I started the two lovebirds off with some warm bread for immediate carb satisfaction. I was able to put the salads together pretty quickly, so I served those in conjunction with the bread.

the cute couple at the dinner table

Once they were appeased with some initial nourishment, I set to work on the entree: shrimp scampi. I sauteed some garlic and mushrooms in a combination of butter and olive oil. Once that had some time to work, I hit it with a healthy dose of white wine and added the shrimp. Finally, the linguine was tossed in to the mix and I finished the plates off with some salt, pepper and freshly chopped chives.

the anniversary shrimp scampi

It should be noted that I had to wait for both of them to finish cell phone conversations before I could serve them the main meal. And I told them as I was taking the following picture that it would be posted on the blog...and I firmly believe in keeping my word.

gabbing on the phone while I tried to serve them dinner

While they were stuffing their faces, I mean eating their plates of pasta, I began preparing the "piece de resistance": individual molten lava cakes. I combined butter, semi-sweet chocolate, powdered sugar, eggs and a little flour to make the batter. I popped those babies in the oven, and they were done before the V.I.P. diners had a chance to digest their pasta. No worries, though. No one can resist an oozing mass of chocolate and warm sweet glorious goo. They happily obliged and snarfed up every last bit of lava goodness. Can you blame them?

hello gorgeous

All in all, I think the my diners enjoyed their meal courtesy of Chef Rachel and I hope it made for a memorable anniversary. I aim to please and I hope my customers will return for another meal.

a group shot at the end of the meal

A Family Champagne Toast to 35 Years

To keep the merriment going, we all met up at Michelle's the next day to toast the 'rents 35th wedding anniversary.

cheers to 35 years

Of course, no anniversary is complete without a little anniversary cake. Enter Rachel to the rescue once again with my highly requested white cake with a raspberry filling and homemade buttercream icing.

the guests of honor with their cake

a peek inside the layers

Per usual, Haylee's cake radar went off as soon as the cake was placed on the counter. She remained incorrigible until she was able to dig in to her own piece of sugary sweet goodness. Judging from the picture below, I think she heartily approved.

yummy in my tummy

An afternoon of cake and champagne - what more could you ask for? Happy Anniversary again. I hope we helped create some good memories.

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