Monday, July 20, 2009

35 years ago today


the two lovebirds

Thirty-five years ago today, Marion Julia Lyons married Charles Michael Lawrence in Dallas, TX. He donned a "novy blue tuxado" (Father of the Bride reference...Armani also don't make polyester) and facial hair (rarely a good look). She wore green eye shadow (tough to pull off) and her hair was almost past her calves. Despite their seemingly less than stellar decisions regarding appearance, they still made a handsome couple. (I would kill for a scanner to post a wedding pic).

As one could probably assume, and rightly so, their 35 years of wedded bliss haven't been all rainbows and sunshine. Shocking, I know. I can hear the audible gasp making its way through every nook and cranny in cyberspace. They have endured various trials in their marriage, deaths of family members, raising 2 kids, moves across the country, becoming grandparents, job losses, disappointments, failures, being there for each other through sickness and in health. There have been ups and downs, good times and bad.

While I don't intend for this to be a negative post or an opportunity to stand on my ever-present soapbox, it should be noted that in many ways, one could say life hasn't been fair to them and there were certainly countless opportunities to throw in the towel. Hey, everyone else does. Who hasn't heard the veritable rundown of excuses: we've grown apart, we're just not the same people we were when we got married, or my personal favorite, we're just not "in love" anymore. Oh really? Did your vows specify you were free to walk away if you stopped getting butterflies when you saw each other? Alas, I digress...that is for another post at another time.

The point is that for better or worse, my parents have stuck it out. They have honored their commitment to God and have not cheapened the covenant they made 35 years ago. They have shown me what forgiveness, grace, mercy and service through love looks like. I don't think they will ever fully comprehend what it means to me to have parents who are still married. It is such an anomaly in today's world where instant gratification reigns supreme and commitment is a 4-letter word. I am beyond grateful to them and to God for giving them the grace to sustain their relationship.

Congratulations on 35 years Mom and Dad! May the future years in your marriage be overflowing with joy, peace, love and "abundant life."

P.S. I will also post a quick recap of the anniversary dinner I made them, as well as the cake and champagne toast we enjoyed on Sunday afternoon. So check back soon!

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