Monday, January 4, 2010

you LIGHT up my life.

Disclaimer: Until I catch up on all the holiday posts, expect picture-heavy posts with sparse text. I shall let the pictures tell the story. I'm sure no one cares except me.

It's long been a tradition in my family to go look at Christmas lights sometime in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Somehow, it just doesn't quite feel like Christmas until we pile in the car and drive around "oo-ing and ahh-ing" over the extravagant displays.

This year was no different, so the day before the eve of Christmas, we met up at the Shops at Legacy for a little snack and a Starbucks drink.

We also had to take roughly 500 pictures in front of their ginormous Christmas tree. Note the section with the malfunctioning lights.

Once we secured our festive drinks, it was off to Deerfield (our neighborhood of choice) to battle it out with the massive traffic jams comprised of limousines, Hummer limos and other ridiculous forms of transport that positively clog the residential streets. Despite the crowds, it was worth it as the neighborhood really does boast some fairly impressive displays.

Also of particular note, little miss Haylee Grace met Santa Claus for the very first time. He happened to be visiting Deerfield the night we were there (I assume to check his list twice) and Pearl, I mean Haylee, really liked him.

Looking at all the festive lights, listening to Christmas music, seeing Santa all added up to some serious Christmas cheer and I was more than ready for Christmas Eve the next day.

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