Friday, January 8, 2010

twas the night (day) before Christmas...

Christmas Eve was quite the whirlwind for me. Between wrapping presents, prepping the night's meal, baking the Christmas cake and getting ready for Christmas Eve service (myself and Pearl), it was pretty much bananas.

As soon as I finished wrapping my presents, I loaded up my gear and headed to my seester's house to get busy on food prep. I had to get the soup-a-cookin' and the cake-a-bakin' post haste.

And wouldn't you know that amidst all the preparations, a brisk snowfall began its descent from the heavens. A white Christmas in Texas? Inconceivable! Haylee had to take a closer look at the winter wonderland taking shape in the backyard.

The day flew by like a flash, and before I knew it, we were packed in the car and headed south for the Christmas Eve service at Watermark. We had to fight a wintry mix coming down on us in like crazy all the way there.

Once we safely made it inside, we marveled at the simple decor, procured some steamy cups of hot chocolate and found seats. Obviously, not two minutes can go by without proper pictorial documentation.

Much like last year, the service was pretty non-traditional, with the exception of some of my favorite Christmas carols. It focused on lives being transformed because of Christ's birth, death and ressurection. What a precious gift humankind was given when Jesus was born...

After church, we made the slippery trip back up north for a little Christmas Eve dinner with the whole fam.

On the night's menu was a light supper featuring a spring salad with pears, gorgonzola and caramelized onions, tomato basil soup and hot, buttery beer bread.

Once our bellies were full and our spirits were made bright, it was time to change into our Christmas pajamas, snack on something sweet (hello chocolate-coated chex mix), watch The Family Man and of course, wait for Santa to come.

Next up, Christmas day!

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