Tuesday, January 12, 2010

rockin' around the christmas tree.

We woke up bright and early to find a very white Christmas. For the first time (that I can remember), we weren't dreaming of a white Christmas - it was a reality! So instead of rushing to see what Santa brought, Haylee bundled up and played in the snow for a good hour.

Meanwhile, the worker elves got busy in the kitchen preparing brunch. To fuel our efforts, we sipped (or gulped) on some delicious coffee spiked with Baileys Irish Cream. It warmed me up from my antlers to my toes.

When Haylee had her fill of snow, it was time to break into the stockings and Haylee's was definitely the most stuffed, as it should be. And to keep things rolling, we headed to the Christmas tree for present time. Things moved at a snail's pace because Pearl wanted to unwrap and play with every toy she received. While I admired her enthusiasm, it was simply not conducive to adhering with any sort of schedule.

We actually had to put the gift-giving on hold so we could enjoy the fruits of our (mostly mine) labor in the form of brunch. All the usual suspects were there: my infamous quiche, monkey bread, fresh fruit salad and sparkling mimosas - my idea of the perfect Christmas brunch.

After satisfying our bellies and popping the turkey in the oven (thank you Dad for your laborious efforts), we headed to Grandma's house for some family time. The visit was fairly short and sweet as we had to get back to our bird roasting away in the oven.

Back in the kitchen for the second time in just a few hours, things really started to heat up. We had planned a veritable feast and it wasn't going to make itself. While the pops handled the turkey and carrots, I took the reins on the green beans, sweet potatoes and stuffing.

Christmas Dinner Menu:
Roasted turkey with fresh herb rub
Sourdough bread stuffing w/pears and cranberries
Roasted green beans w/caramelized onions and goat cheese
Baked sweet potatoes
Sauteed carrots w/fresh dill and creme fraiche
Caramel cake w/brown sugar caramel frosting

We feasted until we could feast no more. I recall my dad saying it was the most delicious plate of food he ever consumed. This may or may not have been an exaggeration. It was pretty amazing if I do say so myself.

And then it was time to get back to the main attraction: those pesky presents that still needed opening. Gosh, we were really behind. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Once all the gifts had been given, it was time once again to change into our Christmas PJs, nibble on something sweet and tuck it in for another Christmas movie.

Next on the agenda, two baby showers in Austin for my cousin, Lianna. Post coming!!

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