Monday, January 4, 2010

2nd Annual Jingle Mingle

The Friday before Christmas (yes, we're going back that far), the 2-1-1 hosted the 2nd Annual Jingle Mingle. It was basically a great excuse to get together with girls, have a wine tasting and get a healthy dose of holiday cheer. Here is the text from the evite:

Come raise a glass of Holiday Cheer
at the most anticipated party of the year.

Cancel your plans, even hot dates with Kris Kringle,
because you don't want to miss the 2nd Annual Jingle Mingle.

We'll stuff our bellies with delightful treats in good taste
before we sample wine by the glass making sure not a drop goes to waste.

Please sign up to provide a wine and goody to share,
we'll also play a rousing game of Yankee Swap if you dare.

So break out your sequins, Christmas sweaters and elf shoes
and come dressed to party with a gaggle of "who's."

An evening with good friends we'll always remember,
a most excellent way to spend a night in December.

The spread was absolutely divine and included fresh veggies, baked spinach-artichoke dip w/french bread, a delightful fruit and cheese platter, spicy shrimp, edamame, Christmas cookies out the yin-yang and a smorgasbord of brownies, pastries and other nibbles.

We started the night with a champagne toast followed by three and four plates of food. Grazing was definitely the theme of the night.

Also in theme were festive accessories. There were reindeer, Santas and an elf or two in the crowd.

Once we had helped ourselves to ample sustenance, the wine tasting commenced hosted by yours truly. I created an order for the tasting beginning with the lightest and ending with the heaviest. I believe we had a Pinot Grigio, 2 Chardonnays, a Merlot, 2 Malbec, a Pinot Noir and a Cabernet.

It was so much fun tasting all the wines and reading the descriptions on the back, although I think there were some who were not exactly amused with my rambling.

The night carried on with a raucous game of Yankee Swap. There were actually some really great gifts floating around including a bottle of wine, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun on DVD, photo coasters and jewelry from J.Crew (a hot item). Despite my less than stellar contribution, I actually came out on top with the DVD.

All in all, the 2nd Annual Jingle Mingle was a great success and I think everyone who came had a great time.

Stay tuned for more Christmas recaps!

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