Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tasty Tuesdays: the 18th installment

Happy October 20th to all my lovely readers! I can hardly believe I've been doing this post for 18 weeks, and I can't fathom the idea that we are just 11 days away from November. What has happened to 2009? In just a few short weeks, I'll be trimming the tree while singing my heart out to the NSYNC Christmas CD. But...let's not get ahead of ourselves!

Being the avid baker I am, today's recipe is easily the most used in my entire repertoire. Everyone should have an easy frosting recipe that requires no measurements, double-boiler or recipe card. This frosting has graced countless cakes, cookies and anything else deemed frosting-worthy. It can also be easily tweaked to include different flavors and dies beautifully using a little food coloring.

So without further ado, I bring you today's Tasty Tuesday recipe.

1-2-3 Buttercream


2 sticks butter
6-8 C powdered (confectioners) sugar
2 T cream or half & half
1 t vanilla (optional)

1. Cream butter until light and fluffy.

2. Add powdered sugar about 1/2 cup at a time.

3. Add cream a little at a time until you reach desired consistency.

Quite honestly, I NEVER measure this recipe (with the exception of the butter). I just add powdered sugar until it looks like frosting and is the right consistency for me to ice my cake. Obviously, I prefer a thicker icing so that it holds up well on my cake and doesn't droop off the sides.

If you've been using icing in a can all your life, I hope the ease of this recipe will inspire you to at least try your hand at homemade frosting. It is so worth it and tastes world's better than anything processed/pre-made. I promise!

*BTW, a big Tasty Tuesday shout-out to my sister and cousin Li-Li who both made my banana bread recipe and received RAVE reviews. Kudos ladies and I loved getting the feedback.

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Anonymous said...

Buttercream icing is definitely the cat's pajamas, hands-down. The only other frosting that can even hold a candle is the grand, ole faithful "Seven Minute Frosting", but it's not nearly as easy or versatile, and, in fact, can be quite temperamental. So, save yourself the time and nerve-frazzling, and go with Rachie's buttercream - you won't regret it...