Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a big FAT lie

You probably do not know this, but this week is Fat Talk Free Week. Fat Talk is negative self-talk and has NOTHING to do with being overweight, average weight, or even underweight. Fat Talk is when we say things like:

- "my thighs look huge in these pants"
- "i ate SO bad today" (what makes something bad? does food actually have character traits?)
- "i've got to get rid of this double-chin (or flabby arms or belly or whatever)"
- "i can't wear skinny jeans. my hips are too big."
- "i hate summer. i refuse to wear a swimsuit in public."
- "ugh...don't take a picture of me. i look so fat."
- "gosh, you eat so healthy. that must be why you're so skinny and i'm not."
- "i've got to get to the gym because i've been eating so much (or my clothes are too tight or my stomach's pooching out...)"
- "if only i could look like her, i would be so happy."

This list does not even BEGIN to scratch the surface in terms of comments I hear every single day and have heard my entire life. Fat talk does not benefit anyone. It is detrimental, not only to yourself, but to every single person around you.

Please, please view the short video below. It is time to break the cycle we, as women, have become so accustomed to all our life. It is so common for us to talk about different areas of our body we hate or how we wish we looked like a particular person.

Please make a commitment to actively pursue positive self talk. I know it's not easy because we've grown up in a society that has warped our sense of self and jaded our thoughts. But I beg you to think before speaking those comments aloud. You don't know who's listening. You don't know who is struggling with body image and how it may affect them. When you tell them they "look great and have they lost weight," you don't know the inner struggle they might be going through and whether or not they are miserable. Be so careful in front of your daughters, your nieces, your sisters, your mothers...

God created you and me (and every human being) in His own image. We all have intrinsic value because of that...period. There is nothing, not education, beauty, social status, body shape, physical fitness, etc. that makes one person more valuable than the other. "You were made to fill a purpose that only you can do and there can never be a more beautiful YOU."

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Kori said...

Great post!!! What a fantastic idea to start conversations about ending "Fat Talk" and riding ourselves of the obsession our society has placed on our bodies. This campaign sure makes me proud to be a Tri Delt!!!