Thursday, October 1, 2009

chicks were born to give you fever

Once upon a time, there was a birthday girl who planned a night full of bowties, fedoras and pearls.

She invited all her most glamorous friends for a night in Old Hollywood they wished wouldn't end.

Her guests indulged her with cocktails to delight. She sampled their flavors throughout the glorious night.

Some also brought dishes inspired by movies, she thought the grape salad and cake were quite groovy.

There were also trivia games with prizes to win. A birthday without games is nothing short of a sin.

Those who remained serenaded her with the birthday song. With a homemade peanut butter cake, she couldn't go wrong.

The mingling and games were fun that's for sure, but the hottest of hot was the rockin' dance floor.

The birthday girl was showered with gifts that were grand. She has the best friends throughout all the land.

"Now you've listened to my story. Here's the point that I must make. Chicks were born to give you fever, be it farenheit or centigrate."

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