Monday, December 21, 2009

what do we got goin' on here in santa's workshop?

Along with watching all my favorite Christmas movies, looking at Christmas lights and attending festive Christmas parties, I also must bake up several batches of Christmas cookies with my sis (and now, my niece) to properly get myself into the Christmas spirit.

This past weekend, we donned our appropriate headgear (i.e. reindeer antlers) and set to work on our sugar cookie cutouts.

Haylee was very eager to help out, but this mostly consisted of her licking the powdered sugar off of the surface that we were rolling out the cookie dough on...nice. Can't say I blame her though.

Unfortunately, Dora (AKA Meredith) was unable to help out with the cookies, but her cuteness more than made up for her lack of assistance.

As for the cookies...well, they certainly weren't going to win any awards for appearance. Haylee was quite insistent on decordating all of them herself and let's just say she was a bit heavy-handed with the green sprinkles.

Despite their less than stellar looks, Haylee had no qualms in devouring one of our sugary gems. Please observe the sequence of events below.

Even though we didn't get very creative or artistic with our Christmas cookies, I had a great time with my little Pearl. Forget pretty cookies! It's SO much more fun having a niece. I love you Haylee and can't wait to spend Christmas with you!

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