Wednesday, December 16, 2009

groove is in the shark.

So I thought I was the last person on earth to discover this website, but apparently (after speaking with several people), Grooveshark remains to be known by many people. Therefore, I determined it was my responsibility to inform you of this delicious treat of a website so you could enjoy the tune-age of your choice whenever your little heart desires.

Grooveshark allows you to search its musical library and create countless playlists all for free. Yes, you can pay three bucks a month to get rid of the ads displayed on the right side of your screen, but who is so OCD that they need to do that? I'm not looking at the computer screen while I'm listening to music, are you?

At your earliest convenience, make your way over to Grooveshark: It would behoove you to do this in a most expedient manner, especially given the nature of the Christmas holidays. I'm sure you would love to create your very own holly jolly playlist whilst you trim the tree, wrap your gifts, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa or bake up a scrumptious batch of Christmas goodies.

I cannot tell you how much I am loving Grooveshark. There is no downloading. There's no wait time. There's no fee. It's positively brilliant. I can search for obscure music to my heart's content. I currently have a Christmas playlist ranging from Nsync to Frank Sinatra to Mariah Carey to Dean Martin. Does it get any better than that?

So consider this my Christmas gift to you. You're welcome!!!

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