Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009: Dress Rehearsal

If you keep up with my blog at all or just know me in life, you are probably aware my fousins and I are major wannabe foodies. We love to cook/bake together, discover new foods, talk recipes and are fairly snobby when it comes to the food we consume (not on an everyday basis, but certainly when it comes to special occasions, holidays and meals out). Because of this, we had been planning our turkey day menu for quite some time only to find out we would not be spending Thanksgiving at the Austin Dehan casa. After the initial shock and general dismay wore off, we quickly recovered and hatched a plan for our Thanksgiving Throwdown 2009 which would take place the Saturday after the "official" holiday.

*The post of said kitchen/culinary exploits is in the works (complete with 2 videos), but I couldn't skim over our actual Thanksgiving so you'll just have to wait with bated breath.

Anyway, just because it wasn't the original plan didn't mean it wasn't lovely in its own way, so here is a top ten list of all I had to be thankful for on that sunny Thursday.

10. toasting Thanksgiving morning with a pumpkin spice americano

9. a trio of boots and filled wine glasses on a balcony

8. matching place settings emblazoned with turkeys

7. a heaping plate of smoked turkey (divine), cranberries, sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots (amaze and I don't even like carrots), squash, creamed corn and Lord only knows what else

6. a gloriously sunny day complete with nature surrounding us

5. a three-hour singalong with the resplendent China (my apologies Uncle Chris - you're a saint for enduring our vocal stylings)

4. round two: sweets for my insatiable sweet tooth

3. sleeping it off on the couch in front of the Cowboy game

Sadly, there is no pic to document this, but I'm sure you can imagine what I look like when I nap. It was a lovely nap indeed.

2. being graciously welcomed into the Dehan side of the family

1. being in the company of two of my favorite people in the WHOLE wide world

Twas a most excellent Thanksgiving only to be capped off by an amazing post-Thanksgiving Throwdown. You will definitely want to check back for the details on the feast to end all feasts.

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