Tuesday, September 22, 2009

here comes the sun

The day after we celebrated Meagan's last few moments as a "Miss," it was time to get ourselves thoroughly rehearsed for the big day. Thank the Lord the sun decided to finally show its face and we were actually able to run through the entire ceremony in the intended setting (outdoors on the lawn).

me and Meg

Suffice it to say, the week+ of rain left the ground more than just a teensy weensy bit on the soggy side, so it was a good thing we practiced the procession in our heels as we had to strike a perfect balance on the balls of our feet to avoid sinking into the saturated soil. Nonetheless, as someone who dreams of a wedding outdoors herself, I was still thrilled Meagan was able to have her dream wedding outdoors the way she had envisioned.

five of the eight bridesmaids

trying to smile and not sink at the same time

After we had sufficiently rehearsed for the impending nuptials, we cruised on over (and sung Dave Matthews at the top of our lungs) to La Hacienda Ranch for some margaritas, fajitas and tears...in that order. Let me be the first to say the Ranch does not mess around with their libations. Holy tequila, Batman! After indulging in half a glass of the tequila-laden concoction, I made the prudent decision to make the switch to white wine. I have grown so wise at my old age...

an innocent beverage and a very dangerous one

We watched a brief slideshow of Bryan and Meagan and were then ushered to the buffet. Actually, I take that back. Our table was the last to be invited to the buffet which resulted in one incredibly hungry hungry hippo (yours truly). I believe I shocked several people at my table when I went back for thirds. What can I say? I love fajitas and free food. Put the two together and I'm a woman out of control. Judge not lest ye be judged.

the groom and me

Emily, me, Meagan and Crystal

After we, or rather I, had finished plate #3, family members and members of the bridal party toasted the bride and groom. Childhood stories were shared, bags of props were used and memories were relived. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

the bride and groom in their awesome hats

The night concluded with the presentation of our bridesmaid gifts which were totally brill! It's safe to say I am OBSESSED with my pink monogrammed bag and hand painted wine glass. Both gifts were so thoughtful, 100% personal and were absolutely perfect for her wine-drinking (minus Emily), tote-carrying bridesmaids. Meagan (if you are reading this), I cannot thank you enough for the gifts and I will treasure them...not to mention, get a ton of use out of them.

all the bridal party modeling our painted wine glasses

stal and I with our awesome bridesmaid gifts

It was such a great night and just a precursor to all of the fun we would have the next day. Stay tuned readers!!!

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