Monday, September 21, 2009

before the Miss became a Mrs. (Baker)...

...we had to send her off with a proper celebration!

a cautionary warning sign on the door (because we just get so crazy)

It was just like old times with Crystal, Brooke and I hosting the party together. Who knew roughly ten years ago (when we all worked at Sonic, spent our summers at Hurricane Harbor, quoted movie lines religiously and thought we were SO cool) that we'd be all grown up and throwing our friend's bachelorette party/lingerie shower together?

the hostesses

Soon she'll be a bride, all dressed in white
Let's get her ready for her honeymoon night!

The cake, the dress, the church and such...
All of this planning - it can be way too much!
Good friends, many laughs, & sassy lingerie...
A night of fun for Meagan before her wedding day!

So join us for some snacks, a few drinks and some wine.
By the end of the night, we'll all be feelin' fine!

The day is fast approaching, and very soon, Meagan Cavanaugh will be Mrs. Bryan Baker. In order to send her off right, please make plans to attend her bachelorette party/lingerie shower.

The bash took place at the 2-1-1 (as all great parties do), and we all worked fast and furiously to get things set up and ready to go on Thursday night. The streamers were hung, fondue was melted, dips were prepared, cookies were baked, shrimps were sauteed, wines were chilled and wedding cake martinis were mixed. All we needed was the bride and we were set to have a great night.

the bachelorette and me

Since there was quite a spread of food, we started on that right away. I always love good party snacks and this was no exception.

a sideways glance at the spread

all this platter needs is some wine

veggies and carbs, together at last

recognize this from Tasty Tuesdays?

Once we had filled our plates (and gone back for seconds/thirds), it was time for Meagan to see what kind of swag she scored.

fun gifts

For added fun, the bride had to "earn" her gifts. Prior to the shindig, I sent Bryan some questions to answer about their relationship. They ranged from funny to serious to totally trivial. Meagan had to guess his answer to the questions and could only open a gift after she had correctly guessed his answer.

Meg showing off one of her gifts

Once the gifting portion of the night was complete, everyone headed over to the "table of wine" for the tasting portion of the evening. Guests were instructed to bring a bottle of wine with a story to accompany their selected bottle. This was somewhat successful...but a good idea in theory. The actual wine tasting, however, was a rousing success. There were whites, reds, roses, sparkling wines, dry wines, full-bodied, and on and on. Everything from merlot to pinot grigio to pinot noir to chardonnay was represented. Although I was unable to participate (6:45 AM wake-up call), I could tell everyone really enjoyed the opportunity to sample the different types of wine and I highly recommend it for your next event.

and not a drop was wasted

a beautious shot of the lineup

As the night progressed, there may or may not have been some dancing, but what's a party without dancing? I am certain you concur with the sentiment. There may have also been massive consumption of sweets and treats.

my rum cake, obvs

an assortment of cookies (funfetti especially for the bride)

big group shot of the girls

I was so happy to be able to co-host this party for my dear friend Meagan and it was even more fun to do it with Brooke and Crystal. Through all the ups and downs of high school, four years of college (at different schools), jobs, living in the real world, becoming adults, it's such a blessing to still be friends and to share in life's great moments together.

Cryssie, Meggie, Brookie and Rachie, friends since 9th grade

channeling our classic crazy pose from high school...for old time's sake

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