Wednesday, September 23, 2009

feels like I waited my whole life, for this one night...

Feel free to finish the lyrics and do a little jig while you're at it. If you haven't watched the wedding entrance video with that song ("forever on the dance floor") on, do it now.

This post will be the third and final installment of Meagan's wedding festivities. I cannot believe the day has come and gone. Per usual, I want to relive every moment all over again and soak it all in one more time. It is no wonder couples get depressed once their weddings are over, because I'm just a guest at these affairs and I'm noticeably saddened when the day has passed. To keep this post from being entirely morose, I will get down to the details of the fun day.

My morning started off with a little baking (always a good start) and a little CD making. Since I'm SO prepared, I decided I wanted to make Meg a wedding day CD, so I put together a playlist while my beer bread was in the oven. Once the CD was complete and the beer bread was hot and buttery, I headed over to Meagan's house (one last time) to hang out with the girls who were getting their hair and make-up done. We had such a good time eating brunch, drinking mimosas and chatting about the big day.

another perfect pan of buttery beer bread

an artistic view of the mimosas

the bride getting ready for her big day

In the middle of all this, I served as the official champagne opener/mimosa maker for the day (a true honor) and I also had to get myself ready. I opted out of the "professional" hair and makeup as I'm always a little leery of other people doing my hair and caking my face with too much gunky base (hey, that rhymed). It took about 8 hours (not really) to curl my mane and Sunni graciously helped me out on the makeup front since I typically don't wear too much of that business. I tried to take pictures throughout the day, but unfortunately my skills were not up to par and it didn't get any better at the wedding.

mimosa in hand, ready to go

crystal and me

me with the bride after hair and makeup

The time flew by and before I knew it, we were running around like crazy people, trying to get out the door and to the club as soon as possible. Our less than prompt arrival wasn't too much of an issue since Meagan had overshot our picture time by about an hour...she's a clever minx that one. I spent the next half hour or so touching up various bridesmaids' curls in an effort to make everyone picture perfect for our photo shoot.

me and Haley posing for the camera

There may also have been some additional mimosa/beer bread consumption prior to said shoot which might have been the contributing factor in the case of the dress that wouldn't in my dress. It was definitely touch and go, but in the end, we managed to get me zipped in nice and snug. However, I do think the tight fit might have contributed to my uncomfortable state later in the evening, but I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

me and Meagan hanging out in the dressing room pre-photo shoot

We took pictures on the stairs, on the green, in the dressing know the drill. Meagan looked absolutely stunning and I'm anxious to see how they turned out. In fact, I'm dying to see all the pictures from the wedding day.

the lovely bride mid photo

Crystal and I out on the golf course

a shot of our gorgeous bouquets

me and Brooke taking a photo opp during pictures

When we were back in the "bridal room," Meagan opened her gift from Bryan which was a glass bell with an inscription engraved on it that read "your humble servant." I LOVED it and thought it was such a great idea.

Prior to the big day, I had put together a couple of prayers for us to say for Meagan (and Bryan) on the big day. We took advantage of the down time we had after pictures and prayed over Meagan. I struggled to get through the readings (shocker), but I was so glad to have that moment for reflection before all the craziness of the wedding. And to be able to speak Christ's blessing over their marriage was truly a privilege. I can't imagine anything more important.

After many tears were shed, we turned on some fun music and had our own private dance party. I think this was probably one of my favorite parts of the day. It took me back to high school and I loved every minute of it.

a little bit sassy with the pretty bride

Crystal and Brooke getting down in the dressing room

kisses with the bride

When all the guests had arrived and were seated, it was time to take a walk down the aisle (I believe my 5th) and witness the union of Meagan and Bryan. Meagan had chosen pieces of music from different movies and I really enjoyed this aspect of the ceremony. Speaking of, it was a sob fest (at least on my end) to say the least and I was grateful for the short, but beautiful ceremony. Otherwise, I may have totally lost all composure...or what little I had remaining.

Once the two become Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Baker, it was high time to get the party started. First on the agenda was the obligatory first dance and father-daughter dance, which were both lovely to be certain. But once the sentimental dances concluded, the dance floor got rockin' and didn't stop until they shut the place down. Haylee was a wild woman spinning around the dance floor like a whirling dervish. I postulate she danced with nearly half of the guests in attendance. It must be the Lyons' blood in her.

the parentals, Haylee and me at the reception

me with Michelle and Meredith at our table

me and Cryssie at the reception

The reception boasted copious amounts of food, flowing champagne, delicious cake and catchy tunes. Those are all the necessary elements in my book to having a successful reception.

the decadent chocolate grooms cake

the pink and green wedding cakes

The night concluded with the popular sparkler send-off and the couple was whisked away into the night.

All in all, it was a joyous wedding weekend capped off with a spectacular wedding ("it will be spectacular i say, so don't worry about that"). Thank you so much Meagan and Bryan for including me in one of the most, if not the most, important days of your lives. I was honored to witness the sacred covenant and it was a blessing to share in your joy. May Christ live in and through your marriage and may He pour out peace over your household.

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