Saturday, January 24, 2009

What if?

What if we treated every person we met as though it was their last day to live?
What if we took the parking spot furthest from the door so someone else could park up close?
What if we allowed the person behind us in the grocery store to check out first because they had 2 children tugging at their shirt?
What if we smiled at the cashier who got our order wrong, instead of offering up a frown of disdain?
What if we wrote our tithe check as if God was watching over our shoulder? (P.S. He is...)
What if we turned off our computer/TV/Blackberry/I-phone/X-box and talked to our spouse instead?
What if we served others with a cheerful heart and put ourselves in second place?
What if we viewed marriage the way Christ views the church, and we sought to serve our spouse instead of demanding that our needs be met?
What if we tipped our waiter far above the 15% in order to bless him/her?
What if we recognized that possessions are so inconsequential when compared to the treasure that awaits us when we are in community with Jesus?
What if we realized that all work is futile and in vain if we are not showing others the love of Christ as we go about our day?
What if we stopped consuming selfishly and started giving freely?
What if Christianity wasn't about religion, church buildings, clergy, rituals, condemnation and judgment?
What if we understood that WE are the church?
What if these weren't just words?
What if we actively pursued Christ and sought to be more like Him?
What if????

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Your posts are so deep! I love it! By the way, I'm tagging you. Go to my blog to see the rules:

Love you!