Thursday, January 8, 2009

2008: I bid you adieu.

I saw something similar on Brooke's blog, so I thought I'd steal it. After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

I will always remember that in 2008 I:
- Finally completed one of my past new year's resolutions which was to take tennis classes
- Played adventures in mommyhood by taking care of my niece Haylee while Nick & Michelle were in Mexico
- Said goodbye to teaching and didn't look back (although I miss my girls terribly)
- Managed a bakery and decided I probably didn't want to open my own
- Moved out of Austin Ranch (miss you Meg!)
- Moved in with my sister and her family
- Moved back in to Austin Ranch (love my roomie Cryssie, and my neighbor Stal)
- Found out I was going to be an aunt to a new niece/nephew
- Dominated countless games of Scattergories (I couldn't help myself)
- Celebrated my birthday with a margarita throwdown - best birthday ever
- Tried to launch my own business
- Became a member of my church (Watermark)
- Overcame a dark period through the help of faithful friends, family and prayers that never ceased
- Was forced to completely surrender to God in dry times (i.e. lacking a "real" job)
- Experienced real joy for the 1st time in over a year
- Danced around the house like a fool with my niece, Haylee Grace
- Finally forgave those in my life who I harbored resentment towards
- Laughed until my cheeks hurt
- Began serving in the greeting ministry at church
- Turned the TV off and spent time with friends and family instead
- Played wii and guitar hero for the 1st time...and realized I'm not very good
- Made my 1st gingerbread house
- Worked retail during the holidays (something I vowed never to do)
- Celebrated the engagement of my sweet fousin, Lianna and one of my besties, Meagan (can't wait for the weddings this year)
- Had a life-changing Christmas season
- Provided the education for 3 girls (through World Vision) who would have otherwise been unable to obtain an education
- Realized that the most important things in life are the little things: dancing with my niece, talking with my sister, laughing with my parents, happy hour with my friends, watching a beautiful sunset, talking a walk on a nice day...that's where God is...He's in all those things whispering to us...if only we would listen.

What will you remember about 2008???