Thursday, October 7, 2010

happy 4th birthday.


The picture below is a shot of us yesterday. She couldn't wait to put on her gift from me, a Sleeping Beauty gown complete with clip-on earrings.

I wasn't able to get this up yesterday, but I can't let another minute go by without sending a huge birthday wish out to Miss Haylee Grace. She turned the big 4 yesterday and I honestly cannot wrap my head around the fact that she is already 4-years-old.

I remember so vividly the night she was born. I could have never imagined what a blessing she would be and how much fun I would have with her being her aunt. I treasure every single moment we get to spend together and especially love our dance parties. One thing is for sure, this girl takes after the Lyons' side of the family and knows how to boogie down with the best of them.

So happy birthday to you Miss Thang. I hope you have a fabulous fourth year and I can't wait to celebrate with you at your princess party!!!

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Anonymous said...

So sweet, Rachie...Haylee is so blessed to have an aunt that truly adores her in every way. Those pictures turned out great! :) XOXOXOXOXO