Monday, April 12, 2010

snapshots of easter.

It's amazing how quickly the blog can take a backseat when life gets busy. Throw in a holiday weekend, a wedding, family get-togethers, a party or two and the blog gets tossed aside quicker than last season's gladiator sandals. However, I am certain this lack of posting has not caused anyone to cease to find meaning in life.

Nevertheless, in an effort to provide continuous and proper documentation of 2010, I will sum up the happenings of Easter 2010 through a barrage of snapshots which will no doubt contribute to my slacker status, but what can I say, what I lack in dedication I make up in style.

First up on the list of Easter festivities was a good 'ole fashioned Easter Egg Hunt complete with a petting zoo, bounce house and free Phil Wickham concert. Granted, the wind was whipping at approximately 90 miles per hour, but I was more than happy to suffer through the less than stellar conditions to hear Phil and his guitar. I trust you would concur.

Up next was a little friendly competition (is there such a thing?) involving hard-boiled eggs, dye, glitter, stickers and a little creativity. It was a guys v. girls Easter Egg Throwdown and suffice it to say, the girls threw down (myself NOT included) and the guys never stood a chance. However, had it been up to me, there would have been one lone decorated egg as I was seriously lacking inspiration and motivation.

Finally, Easter Sunday arrived and I had the pleasure of going to church at Watermark with my sister and her family. After celebrating God's grace, mercy and redeeming power, we headed back to the casa for a champagne-filled brunch complete with brown-sugar glazed ham, easy garden bake (with artichokes, broccoli and goat cheese), my SPG salad (spring mix, pear, gorgonzola and caramelized onion), corn pudding, fresh fruit and my raspberry liquor cake. We feasted until we could feast no more.

The day ended with some hot tub time underneath the stars and a bunny-inspired photo session.

All the activities, the food, the company, the egg hunts - it all made up for a very eventful Easter holiday, but it would all be so empty and meaningless if that's what it was all about. I mean, let's be honest, how fulfilling is a basket filled with candy that ultimately produces an upset stomach?

But what hope we have in Jesus who displayed the greatest love of all when He submitted to His Father's will, died on the cross and rose on that third day. There is no greater love than He that laid down His life so that we, wretched, sinful souls, might live and have abundant life.

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