Monday, February 15, 2010

thank God snow is white - it works.

If you would have told me at the start of this winter, we would experience snow not once, not twice, but FIVE times, I would have laughed out loud (and most likely, in your face).

And if you know me at all, it is no secret I posses a particular disdain for all things cold, i.e. winter. (Do not ask me how I lived in New York...temporary lapse of sanity I suppose.) However, I have actually rather enjoyed the snow we have had this season and have found myself truly marveling at God's awesome creation as I have watched the snowflakes fall from the heavens. I have even stopped, tilted back my head and stuck out my tongue to catch a few of the icy flakes.

It is safe to say, aside from my time in New York and my ski trips to Colorado, I have never witnessed such a wintry scene in my hometown as I did last Thursday. The snow-flocked trees lining the sidewalks covered in fluffy white blankets composed a landscape so picturesque, I could hardly believe I was still in Texas. The following is my paltry attempt at capturing the scene I beheld.

What a wonderful Savior we have that He might delight in His children so much so that He created beauty even in the precipitation that pours forth from the sky.

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