Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Always worthy of my praise

"Though my world falls apart, still I will praise You."

As I was singing this lyric in church the other day, I began to really try to wrap my head around what this means. What would this look like for me and my life? Could I really sing this honestly and mean it?

All too often, I find myself just singing along to the music without regard to what I'm really singing about. God created the world in its entirety and created each human being in His image. We are created to worship Him and He finds great joy when we do. I began to doubt, however, that if my world did fall apart, I would still find joy and praise the God that made the heavens and the earth. It made me think of Job. If there was a true example as to what a "world falling apart" looked like, it is him. He lost his entire family, lost his health, lost all of his money and possessions, his home and property was destroyed, he was plagued by disease, depression...his world fell apart entirely. Yet, he still would not curse God. He continued to praise Him despite it all. Job got it. He understood that amidst pain and suffering, God is still good. God did not cause evil and harm. He did not orchestrate the suffering. He is still worthy of praise.

I wonder what this would look like for me? In my life, I have experienced a period of suffering and despair. There were a few years in which I essentially "lost my health," which resulted in a disconnect from friends, family and joy. There were times when I couldn't, or didn't want to praise God. However, I began to realize that God was still good and still worthy of my praise. I began to long for Him more because I knew that He would bring me through this dark time. Despite the fact that I didn't abandon my faith in God during this time, I can't imagine the kind of loss Job experienced. If I did literally lose all my money (I'm pretty close at this point...ha ha), my friends, my family, a place to live, all my possessions and my health, would I praise God? Or would I be consumed with self-pity, depression, loneliness and despair?

If my whole world fell apart, would I still praise Him?

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