Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a special wish for a kindred spirit.

Today is a very special day in least in my humble opinion.  Twenty-some years ago, my dear cousin (fousin, if you will), Elisa Renee, breathed her first breath of life outside the womb and graced our family with her physical presence.  I had the privilege of growing up with her (along with her siblings) and throughout the years, we have shared many a holiday dinner table, sleeping quarters and dance floor. 

Of course, the early years were spent bossing her around and forcing her to perform mediocre choreography to even poorer musical selections.  But even though she was younger, I never found her to be the "annoying" younger kid type.  There was something about her that always drew me towards her and liked having her around.

As the years progressed and we grew up, our bond grew stronger and our relationship evolved into something far past the realm of cousin status.  She has truly become a sister of my heart -- my sister in Christ, united by Love Himself.

I could write a novel outlining all of the memories we have together.  The dozens upon dozens of trips to the lake, the impromptu dance parties (in conjunction with some pretty amazing music videos/karoake numbers), the meals we have shared, the holidays spent in one another's company (hello thanksgiving throwdown and christmas cookie contest), the convertible rides with the top down...too many to even being to recollect. 

But apart from the fact that she is "here to have a good time and not going to apologize for it," her presence in my life has provided far more than fun.  Without a doubt, she is constantly in "eucharisteo" (communion) with Christ.  There doesn't appear to be a situation or a given moment that she is not attempting to bring Christ in or look through it with an eternal lens.  She is consistently pointing me to Christ and always endeavoring to show me His love.  God has used her in my life to reveal so much of Him and I can express no higher sentiment.

So my dear fuzz, I wish with everything in me that I could be with you, reenacting the scene below and toasting to your life.  However, in my absence, I send you love and prayers.  I pray the Lord would pour out His love on you in a very special way.  May this new year in your life be filled to overflowing with grace, hope, mercy, peace and joy.  Cheers to another beautiful year for a beautiful soul.  Happy Birthday, E!!!

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elisa said...

I don't know how I didn't read this until now, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Rachie. I am so indescribably blessed to have had you as cousin, friend, and sister in Christ all of my life. And don't worry, I loved having my all the attention of my older cousin, even if it was to be told "when I say jump, you say "how high?". We have some beautiful memories, and I thank God for you. Even though you were deep in the heart of texas, and miles away from me distance wise, you helped make my birthday incredibly special through your texts and your prayers. God heard them in many wonderful and unexpected ways. I love you and thank you for this tribute! Cheers to celebrating life together forever in this life and in the next!