Thursday, May 31, 2012

snapshots of Memorial Weekend.

I believe I shall do the lazy man's post and provide you with snapshots of the glorious 3-day weekend vs. a play by play.  (Granted, this is really more for myself than anyone else as my blog serves as somewhat of a public diary and place to document my life.)  Regardless, here we go...

The first few pics are from a free (my favorite price) concert held out on the lawn near the Adriatica.  We made it for the headline performance, David Nail , and he did not disappoint.  The weather was positively perfect and I cannot believe there weren't more people there.  I mean, great for us, but bad for them as I guess many people didn't get the memo. 

Apres le concerto, there was a very impressive fireworks display which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Keep in mind, these i-phone photos scarcely do it justice, but I think you get the idea.  Side note: how much does each firework cost?  I mean, at the end, they were literally shooting them off by the droves so it begs the question...what was the budget???

Memorial day brought with it a pool party and all the traditional fare you would expect at an outdoor BBQ.  There were burgers, grilled chicken, watermelon, baked beans...but I'll tell you what, the star of this show was hands-down, the smoked corn on the cob.  Yep, this corn was cooked in a smoker and I have never tasted anything like it.  It receives two very enthusiastic thumbs-up and even got it's own picture on the blog.  You go, smoked corn -- congrats on being awesome.

So there you have it.  I'm afraid I wasn't nearly as diligent as taking proper photo documentation as I usually am, but here's at least a snippet.  I hope your Memorial Day weekend was equally enjoyable and that you were able to take some time to thank God for those who have selflessly served so that we can hang out in our backyards, free from worry and fear.  It is truly a gift to live in this country and one that I take for granted all too often, but when I truly reflect on this blessing, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

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elisa said...

dude. I cannot get over the bomb diggityness of the instagram magic/the photos of an iphone. I am obsessed with that sky one and the fireworks ones are so boss. it looks like y'all had the perfect summer kick off weekend! so glad! I love to get little tastes of texas through your blog. love you and happy weekend!