Thursday, November 4, 2010

happy birthday seester.

Fall is definitely the busy birthday season for me. It seems as soon as we finish the celebration of one precious life, we are on to the next. To keep the merriment going after Haylee's Princess party, we had the honor of celebrating Michelle's 31st year on this earth.

Michelle's best birthday gift came in the form of a Blue Goose opening just minutes away from her home. Yes, you read that right, the birthday girl was easy to please and wanted nothing more than to eat some Mexican food and imbibe in a margarita (or five, jk). The day was fairly low key. I surprised the birthday girl at lunchtime with flowers and a bottle of bubbly and we all enjoyed the culinary delicacies of the Blue Goose that night. Please note we did have a mini dance party, both in our booth and upon returning to the Mendez casa.

After rockin' out to some of our favorites, it was time for cake, presents and bubbly...but not necessarily in that order. The birthday girl unwrapped a purse, necklace and sweater and then blew out the candles on her peanut butter-frosted cake. Add in a flute of bubbly and it was the perfect birthday celebration.

But no one can just celebrate their birthday once. I mean, what kind of pathetic birthday celebration only lasts one day? Be that as it were, we continued celebrating Michelle's life the next day with a girls-only day of delight which included manicures/pedicures, a yummy brunch at Breadwinner's and a little shopping with birthday giftcards.

To wrap up her birthday weekend, I babysat the two loves of my life whilst Nick and Michelle went to the movies. Afterward, the two lovebirds sat out by the firepit and sipped on some bubbly. And thus, the birthday weekend came to a delightful conlusion.

Happy, happy birthay my dear sister! I pray for a year of abundant blessings and fullness of joy.

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