Monday, August 10, 2009

a "fam-tastic" weekend

It's just another manic Monday.

I wish it were Sunday.

Cuz that's a fun day.

My "I don't have to run" day.

But it's just another manic Monday.

Anyone else have the urge to ignore the alarm this morning? Why is waking up so ridiculously impossible? I am utterly betwixt and befuddled at my inability to adjust to a normal schedule. Pardon my whiny lamentations on a simple fact of life (i.e. being required to rise prior to your body's natural "wake-up" time), but I felt compelled to comment. But enough chitchat, let's commence with the usual tom-foolery, shall we?

This past weekend was all about the three F's for me: food, fun and family. It included quality time with my Grandma on Saturday afternoon, pool time with the girls (the sister, Hay-Hay and Meredith) that night and grilling out with the whole fam on Sunday.

On Saturday afternoon, my dad took four of his best girls over to our Grandma's house for a long overdue visit. He was seriously outnumbered (four to one), but after almost 30 years of being the lone ranger, I think he's probably used to it (and secretly likes it). It was so good to see her, hear stories about the "old day" and look at pictures of my dad when he was Haylee's age (and when he was a 20-something hipster). Speaking of Pearl, she LOVED playing with all of her great-grandma's "vintage" toys. Per usual, there was a bountiful feast of roast, mashed red potatoes, carrots, broccoli, bread and sweet tea. If I could characterize my Grandma's house by one meal, it would be roast, mashed potatoes and carrots. I cannot tell you how many times I ate this meal growing up, and it will forever be embedded in my mind. I love that food is attached to memories, and that there are stories and traditions behind different dishes. Ahhh...I usual. Sadly, I am remiss to inform you I have no pictures to document our time. C'est la vie...

Since the day/night was still young when we arrived back at my house, the sister and I took Meredith and Haylee to party central (i.e. any one of the pools in Austin Ranch). We drove around until we found an environment we deemed appropriate (i.e. not overrun with the unwashed miscreants attempting to relive frat party 2009) to expose Haylee to. While mama bear (Michelle) stayed in the shade with Meredith, I served as Haylee's own personal flotation device as we navigated the crystal blue waters of the A.R.'s finest. Pearl especially enjoyed the waterfall and spent some time frolicking in the kiddie pool as well...oh, to be a kid again.

Haylee clappin' it up for some fun in the sun

the littlest water baby

me (ruining the photo opp) and Haylee in the pool

Haylee all wrapped up in her towel

To keep the "fam-tastic" theme of the weekend going, we joined up once again for a little grillin' out with the whole fam at the 'rents new digs. We enjoyed some delish food, and the menu was as follows:

creamy black bean dip w/tortilla chips
flame-grilled chicken
taco-seasoned grilled veggies
roasted sweet potatoes
black beans
sunrise margaritas

My dad manned the grill while I took care of all things kitchen-related. We are a dynamic culinary duo and an unstoppable, not sure where that came from. Regardless, the spread was delightful and I happily consumed my weight in food.

the blog-worthy grilled vegetables...holy yum

my drool-inducing plate of food

The gut-busting dinner was capped off with a sweet finale: a white cake w/blackberry filling and homemade buttercream icing. Because apparently, no family gathering is truly complete without a cake made by me.

the beauteous pink cake in all her glory

It was truly a "fam-tastic" weekend and I am so grateful for the family God has given me. They love me no matter what, and I am blessed to have them in my life.

I shall leave you with this classic pic of Haylee as her alter-ego, Pearl. You're welcome!

Pearl, dripping in beads

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