Monday, August 24, 2009

c'est bonne!

Parlez-vous Francais? If not, my title simple means: it is good. And that's what this weekend was, good. It was the perfect combination of a few of my favorite things (feel free to break into song, a la Sound of Music) including baking, a birthday, family time, brunch, sun, pool party and a good dose of laziness thrown in for good measure.

My good dose of laziness presented itself on Friday night in the form of our DVR and a whole heap of recorded Food Network programming. Add in a little takeout, a comfy couch and no agenda, and you've stumbled upon my perfect "end of the workweek" night. Most people want to mark the start of their weekend in a celebratory way with dinners out and parties to attend. However, I prefer a night of recovery before I start rockin' and rollin' my way through the weekend.

Saturday called for a morning run, a little baking (rum cake, banana nut muffins and a quiche), some computer work, a bit of reading and a refreshing dip in the pool. Luckily, thanks to Meagan, I was able to locate a quasi-calm oasis at a pool behind her phase. Twas a hidden gem for sure, and I was so happy to escape the 24-hour reenactment of Spring Break 2000 that occurs at the 25 other pools.

The night called for something a bit different and is actually the reason behind my title for this post. Saturday night was "Floating French Movie" night at a friend's house which featured an outdoor (poolside) screening of Amelie on a projector screen strategically set up in front of the pool. The theme was carried throughout the party with french wine, french food (brie anyone?) and most importantly, charcoal face painting. I'm not necessarily convinced this was a pivotal French element, but it certainly added fun. The night also included several impromptu dance sessions which always equals a successful party (and stellar choice in invitees) in my opinion. I have no doubt you concur.

Krystal utilizing her amazing face painting skills at French Night

In the grand tradition of weekends, Sunday flew by in a whirlwind. It was a family affair for brunch and we gathered at the 'rents home to indulge in a tasty spread with a few of the usual suspects: my amped up quiche (with chipotle peppers added...sorry guys), smoked sausage, fruit salad, banana muffins and the always necessary mimosas. We had a special guest join us for our Sunday brunch: Hailey, my former teaching partner in crime. It was such a treat to have her over and I'm so glad she got to meet Meredith, who, by the by, loved her and was a perfect angel for her the whole time.

a very alert Meredith being entertained by Hailey, no doubt

Hailey with her wannabe adopted senorita

The day ended with a birthday celebration in honor of our friend Stephonie. She is such an amazing person and has such a giving and loving heart. She's a gourmet chef, a talented florist (she did Michelle's wedding flowers), amazing with kids, handy with tools, knows her way around a shooting range...the list goes on. I was honored to celebrate another year in her life and I pray this next year will be full of abundant life.

me with the gorgeous birthday girl

I suppose I shall wrap things up, but I hope your weekend was equally enjoyable, nay stupendous. May God grant you grace and mercy as you navigate another workweek or just another week in this crazy, imperfect life. Au revoir!

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Anonymous said...

It was a real pleasure to get to see Hailey and spend some time with her - thanks for the flowers - they are still beautiful! And, a very happy, belated birthday to Chef Steph, whose food I will always treasure, but not as much as her company - come see us sometime, Stephonie!