Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a shower in the gardens

A couple weekends ago, I found myself, once again, southbound 35 headed to A-town for the weekend. Everyone knows that I'll find any excuse to spend a weekend in my favorite U.S. city. However, I actually had a great reason to make the trip. My cousin Lianna was having her bridal shower, and I was honored to attend the gathering. Lianna is getting married this July, and I couldn't be more excited for the pending nuptials.

cheers to the bride-to-be

The festivities took place on the lawn at The Four Seasons, and it was such a beautiful setting for a shower. It reminded me of scene out of "My Best Friend's Wedding." Upon arriving, we were greeted with champagne flutes of bubbly which was more than fine with me. The set-up was gorgeous, and the weather actually cooperated (minus the intitial crazy wind). There was lots of yummy food to stuff ourselves with, including fresh salads, ceviche, sandwiches, petit-fours, cookies, cake, etc. After several rounds of filling our plates, it was time for Lianna to open her gifts and take inventory of her bounty. The bride-to-be was showered with tons of kitchen essentials, and I was particularly jealous of her espresso machine. (Seriously, can I please find some excuse to register for gifts so I can get one of these magical contraptions? I promise I would use it everyday!)

me with the misses

fousins forever

The shower was altogether lovely and a rousing success. It was so fun celebrating Lianna, and I can't believe she's getting married! My little cousin is all grown up and I'm so proud of the woman she has become. She has a huge heart and is so loving towards all those around her. She is going to be an amazing wife, and Ed is a lucky guy.

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Meggers1021 said...

That's sounds beautiful Rachie! I'm glad you had a good time.