Monday, July 23, 2007

The (somewhat) sordid details of my 1st year as Coach Lawrence...

The 2006-2007 School Year (according to me):

As you know, I spent the last year of my life teaching at a private high school. I was the sole dance teacher (not the kind of dancing you would usually see me bust out out weddings and other inappropriate venues) and served as the Director and Coach for drill team and cheerleading. I honestly can't believe I actually made it through 1 year at my job, and I can't comprehend that I ever even got started in the teaching profession. Basically, life continues to take me down a path that is filled with twists and turns and very few directional signs...

The background: I was working as a bridal sales consultant for a bakery selling cakes for peanuts (I was making peanuts--the cakes were pretty pricey). Definitely the most fun/easy/low stress job I have ever had, but I have yet to secure a sugar daddy to pay my bills, so I knew I had to move on. While I was there, I met Hailey who is now one of my very best friends. She was signing on to teach and I innocently asked if they needed a drill team or cheerleading coach...ask and you shall receive! No sooner that I asked the off-the-cuff question, I found myself hired by a coach that actually taught my parents in high school -- true story!

Anyway, it was by far the most challenging year I have ever had in my life. Who knew that pep rallies required more planning than a superbowl halftime show? Who knew that all of your free time was no longer yours, but theirs? Who knew that good Cathlic (or Christian for that matter) parents had the propensity to cut you to the core? I still don't have the thick skin necessary to brush off the parental altercations. Some say I just need to "buck up!" I say, "easier said than done." I'm a girly girl and I take things personally. Sorry if that's an anomaly or some huge revelation, but I will always be affected by someone yelling in my face. Call me crazy, but it alters my mood.

Nonetheless, I got to relive friday night football games, homecoming, prom and graduation. I also had (and still have) the honor of spending countless hours with a group of girls that I truly cherish and want the world for them! And I have the support of a boss that thinks I hung the moon, leaving me absolutely incredulous! I've decided that it is what it is. It is my life during those 9 months and the sooner I can accept it, the better place I will be in....

So here's to the 2007-2008 school year -- may it be the best year I ever had in high school! :)

P.S. Enjoy some pics of my year below!

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