Monday, July 30, 2007

Party like a rockstar!

RL here, coming at you with another much anticipated blog I'm sure. It has been several days since my last post, but I have good reason for the delay. I have been booked pretty much solid for the past 5-6 days with my best friend's wedding (formerly Kori Kaufman, now Kori Bailey). The festivities that accompanied the aforementioned wedding will require several blogs at the very least.

I will begin with describing what I like to call, Kori's "Going Away" Party (as in going away from the land of singledom) where we (me, the bride, several of her Mizzou friends and my sis) got to party like rock stars (hence the blog's title) courtesy of Mr. Steve Kaufman. Because Kori's friends from college weren't getting in to Dallas until Wednesday, we had to "redo" her bachelorette party to make up for the lack of their presence at her "official" bachelorette party. In order for us to properly celebrate, Kori's dad got us reservations at Nine Steakhouse in Victory Park. We were taken to the restaurant in a limo, naturally. We were treated like celebrities, ordering whatever we wanted and drinking wine by the bottle. I think 4 different managers/owners came by our table throughout the night offering their congatulations and attending to our every whim. They brought us the most amazing espresso shots at the end of our meal which, by the by, included salmon, shrimp, steak, mac 'n cheese, asparagus, potatoes, apple tart and make your own s'mores. It was amazing, but not over yet!

After dinner, we were escorted up to Ghostbar in the W Hotel were we had a table reserved with bottle service all night. We had our own cocktail waitress who mixed our drinks. Although the over-the-top bar was not especially packed (considering it was a Wednesday night), we had our own party, especially when our special requests played (JT and Fergie...shocker, I know). At some point, we were bought a bottle of Cristal from a patron at the bar who wanted to properly congratulate the bride-to-be with some celebratory wowie wow! After dancing the night away, we took the party back into the limo where we were driven back to Prosper. It was definitely the highlight of my summer. Wait, who am I kidding? It was the highlight of my least until a few nights later...

Stay tuned!

Just as girls in the limo starting out the night...

The girls with our Cristal -- holla!

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