Tuesday, November 19, 2013

party at da club (house, that is)

Well, it has been a WHIRLWIND of parties, dinners, showers, and other happenings at the "clubhouse." And truth be told, I have loved, relished, and savored every minute of it. For almost 3 years, I dreamt of having a place I could open up to others, and I am absolutely blown away by how the Lord answered that prayer...with something WAY better than I prayed for. He blessed me with a home AND a gracious roommate that was on board and shared the same mentality.

Here are just a few of the shindigs that have been going down:

Baby Shower for RGB - we got to throw a pink baby shower for an old member of our community group. It was so fun to celebrate a new life and decorate in all shades of pink.

My 31st Gatsby Birthday Bash - it was themed and most people actually dressed up. Shock of all shocks. There was tons of sweets, snacks, bubbly, dancing, sparklers, and the 'ole photo booth made an appearance with lots of props.

My dear mom's 60th birthday SURPRISE party - was lucky enough to get to throw this party at the clubhouse with my Aunt Linda. We had loads of Rudy's bbq, lots of old tunes (Beatles, Temptations, Beach Boys), friends, family, a dance party, and more photo booth fun.

Michael and Mindi's (M&M) "Stock the Bar" party - in all fairness, this was mostly directed by Sarah with a small assist from me. Nevertheless, we had a great time hosting our friend's stock the bar party. They are getting married next month and had enough of the boring showers, so we threw them a fun party. There was an awesome food spread (hello grilled cheese sandwiches with fig preserves and bacon), a great fall design concept (per Sarah and her mom), and we even had a bartender.

And in between all of that have been game nights, Sunday dinners, s'mores by the firepit...it has been such a full and rich season.

I get no greater joy than seeing a table full of friends communing over a meal or a loud kitchen full of people talking and laughing. It fills me to overflowing and I feel blessed beyond measure to receive gifts that I am so unworthy and undeserving of. God is good.


elisa said...

i am majorly jonesing to crash one of your amazing parties. you are truly a born hostess, cheechers! Thank you for so generously sharing your gifts with us! love you tons and can't wait to celebrate with you!!

RL said...

thanks again, E. i know i can count on you for a comment. you always bless me with words of affirmation. wish you could be at every single party at da clubhizzouse.