Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, mama bear.

My sweet mother turns 60 years young today, and while I have been less than consistent (ahem, cough cough) on my blog, I couldn't resist the opportunity to send her a little blog love and birthday shout out.

Check her out (in the middle) rocking a pretty groovy dress and some pretty blonde hair.

I also love the bridal pic from her wedding. She looked so beautifully simple and pure on her wedding day. I love every part of her look. From the light makeup, to the loose curls in her hair, and the minimalist approach she took with her wedding attire. I'm certain it mostly had to do with budget, but I think it's so classic. (Note the dove in her hand which I have no doubt was a nod to the Holy Spirit - ha.)

She is absolutely beautiful in the outside, and always has been, but it's her compassionate and selfless heart that has endeared her to so many. She truly desires to show Christ's love to all those around her, particularly those who are hurting, suffering, or on the outside. I know she is building for herself a heavenly treasure which neither rust nor moth can decay.

She is a faithful wife, devoted mother, and loving "Mimi." Her life is a gift and worthy of a celebration.

Praying for a beautiful 60th year for you, mama. May this new decade in your life be your best yet -- best because it is filled with the overwhelming presence of the Lord -- best because God provides you with grace and mercy -- best because the Lord supplies you with faith, hope, joy, and love beyond measure. Happy Birthday!!!

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elisa said...

Cheers, to one of the most beautiful and loving humans I have had the blessing to call family. Aunt Julie, I love you!! I am so glad you were born! Thank you for sharing the pictures and love, Rachie!