Thursday, March 14, 2013

a birthday wish.

I have definitely not been keeping up with birthday posts (or any posts for that matter) and don't normally find time to give personal shout-outs, but I have a few minutes and couldn't resist.

Sixty-one years ago today, Charles Michael was born on this earth and as a result (with my mama, of course), my sister and I had the privilege of life, and from that, Haylee and Meredith.

Gosh, that's a lot of girls, but I can honestly say that I don't think my dad would have had it any other way. He always told us he wanted girls and it's no secret that his personality was more disposed to being a dad to little girls vs. rough & tumble boys.

I will never forget Saturday mornings with my dad. I would always try to wake him up at an ungodly hour to make breakfast, and he would patiently (and groggily) point to his digital clock beside his bed and say "when the clock say 8-0-0, you can come back and wake me up." I would patiently wait it out in front of the Saturday morning cartoons (hello, Garfield & Friends), knowing that it would be worth the wait. And trust me, it was always worth the wait. His breakfasts ranged from waffles, silver dollar pancakes, french toast, and even the rare treat of homemade donuts. Those are some of my best memories, along with countless games of tickle monster, scattergories, horse, and the like.

He has come into his own as a "Paw-Paw" with the girls loving him so much. They love spending time with him, and of course, love his special breakfasts. It truly is such a joy to witness and I only hope they are blessed to continue this close relationship throughout the years.

So, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Pop-a-la. Your life is a gift and a reason to celebrate. I pray the Lord would richly supply all of your needs, that He would be your perfect portion (Psalm 73:25-26), and that you would find fullness of joy in His presence (Psalm 16:11). Make a wish!

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elisa said...

happpy birthday, uncle Charlie! Lovely words and loove the old photos (As well as the new!). Cheers to uncle Charlie's beautiful life!