Wednesday, August 29, 2012

schoolhouse rocks.

Have you ever had one of those totally surreal moments where it feels like you are having an out of body experience or viewing something in the future that can't possibly be real?  Well, friends, I had one of those moments when I received the following pics on Monday:

Yes, that's right - my niece has officially entered "real school" (meaning all day, 5 days a week) and had her first day of kindergarten on Monday.  HOLY COW.  How on earth did this happen?!?  It still boggles my mind that I'm old enough to be an aunt, but now I'm an aunt to a real live kindergartner - fuggedaboutit.  It's too much and blowing my pea-sized brain.

Not to worry that her Mama did it up right.  She had a special book for her the night before and presented her with a fabulous, too good to be true, princess alarm clock.  She also packed a killer lunch box with a sweet note inside.  (Yep, I actually asked her if she included the note and she provided proof.)

Her mother assured me there were no tears on either side - a feat I can hardly imagine.  I mean, I teared up big time when I attended Hay's first dance recital.  I feel like I would have been a blubbering mess had I witnessed her first real day of school.

Truth be told, I honestly do not remember my first day of kindergarten and back then, it was only a 1/2 day if I recall.  I do, however, remember having my first kiss in kindergarten with a boy named Chaz (or was it Chad)...wonder what he's up to these days...ah, I digress.  I also recall wearing my pajamas under my clothes one day.  It was a long, white nightgown with red stars shooting across it.  Frankly, I will still never understand how my poor mother didn't notice the huge lump on the side of my pants where I had stuffed it in, but I'm sure if I ever have kids myself, I might have much larger oversights.

Just for funsies, I dug up an old pic from the good 'ole days of the kindergarten variety. (Note: this is not the nightgown I wore to school. Nope. The one I wore to school was floor length.)

Oh to be in kindergarten again where the only problems I had to deal with were of the adding and subtracting nature.  Since I took a walk down memory lane and shared a memory from those days, I would love to hear from you.  What is one of your favorite memories from kindergarten?


Christina Grace said...

I LOVE that you wore your nightgown to school under your clothes, Rach. I think I remembering coveting said nightgown as well...but then again, I coveted pretty much anything you wore back in the day. ;)

RL said...

Yes, the nightgown was pretty legit and I was determined to show it off to all my friends - still goes down as one of the best stories of my childhood.

elisa said...

i straight up loled at the nightgown story. and i totally remember that nightgown. and pshhhh, i am glad your mom didn't stop you. kindergarten is the time in your life to do sweet action stuff that you can't get away with as an adult. you go, glen coco. I also appreciated the "lovely too good to be true" alarm clock. Michelle is (no surprise at all) the sweetest momma. And, I cannot stress this enough, her and Hay are TWINKIES. congrats to Hay girl Hay, and Momma bear for holding it together. Love you girls tons!